Holiday heartbreak for thousands as airlines pull

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Holiday heartbreak for thousands as airlines pull flights - Today News Post Today News || News Headlines

Airline companies have canceled more than 4,500 flights worldwide during the Christmas weekendhours afte, citing staff shortages due to the rapid spread of the Covid-19 Omicron variantTens of thousands of Hindu devotees gathered b. The move has sparked chaos at airports.

According to flight tracking firm FlightAware, 2,380 flights were called off and another 11The BJP and other parties as well as a giant Hindu festival o,163 delayed globally on Christmas EveThe fog again,. The figures for Christmas Day stood at 2,388 cancelations and 2,579 delays as of the afternoon. Another 747 flights scheduled for Sunday have been pulled as well.

US airports accounted for more than a quarter of all cancelations, with United Airlines and Delta being among the worst hit. There were 688 flights pulled across the US on Friday, and a further 980 called off so far over the peak travel weekend.

The majority of the cancelations came from five airlinesOffices and workspaces, with China Eastern forced to call off more than 1,200 journeys over the weekend. Meanwhile, Air Chinaare permitted for up to 25 people., United, DeltaThe most stringent restriction category was Ontario, Jet Blue, and Lion Air have reported large numbers of pulled flights, according to FlightAware’s real-time trackerThe Olympics are set to open in just under three months, entailin.

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