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Strong winds and rainstorms have put forward higher requirements for the waterproof and compressive performance of doors and windows. In recent years, bridge cutoff aluminum alloy doors and windows have attracted attention and support from all walks of life because of their outstanding performance advantages and energy-saving environmental protection materials

generally speaking, plastic steel doors and windows have lower wind pressure resistance and water tightness than aluminum alloy doors and windows due to their low material strength and rigidity. Moreover, because the lining steel of plastic steel doors and windows is not connected into a complete frame system in the corner of its profile, the plastic welding angle strength of window frames, leaf corners and T-joints is relatively low

the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows use the pressure balance principle to design a structural drainage system. The sliding slope is designed to be stepped, and the drainage outlet is set. The drainage is smooth and the water tightness is good. At the same time, the bridge cutoff aluminum door and window frame straight material adopts hollow design, which has strong wind pressure deformation resistance and good anti vibration effect. It can be used in high-rise buildings and civil residences, and can design large-area windows with large lighting area; The air tightness of this kind of window is better than any aluminum or plastic window, and it can ensure that the indoor windowsill and floor are dust-free in areas with heavy wind and sand

in addition to outstanding wind pressure resistance and waterproof performance, bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows also have many advantages, such as strong sealing, sound insulation and heat preservation

it is reported that the energy saving of bridge broken aluminum doors and windows is about 50%. The broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have no worries about aging and gas pollution. After the building reaches its life cycle, doors and windows can be recycled, and the characteristics of green environmental protection are widely welcomed by the market

anger's bridge cutoff aluminum alloy products adopt high-quality bridge cutoff insulation building aluminum profiles that meet international standards, which especially enhances the oxidation resistance, impact resistance and corrosion resistance of aluminum profiles, making the products more durable, corrosion-resistant, deformation free and rust free. At the same time, the German tenor wind PA66 heat insulation strip is adopted, which is heat insulation and energy saving, anti-aging and deformation free, green and environmental protection

before the storm, be sure to close the doors and windows and check whether the locks are secure. It is best to plug the window sash with towels and so on for sliding windows. At ordinary times, you should also pay more attention to check whether the window hinge is damaged and whether the screws are deformed and fall off. Before the storm, be sure to check whether the glass glue is aging. If it is aging, change the glue in advance

many people fail to take precautions due to negligence, resulting in damage to doors and windows, and some will hurt people. If the storm is fierce and the aluminum window shows signs of scraping, do not rush forward to control it artificially, but retreat and avoid it. Wait until the storm is over, and then find a professional to maintain it




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