Development of the latest PP fiber hemp Composites

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Development of new PP fiber/hemp composites

at present, yellow (red) hemp is mostly used as the main raw material in the domestic production and processing of automobile interior trim panels, and the needled hemp felt is formed by resin impregnation and high-temperature molding by taking advantage of its good characteristics of fast moisture absorption and moisture release, corrosion prevention, heat insulation, insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption and shock absorption. However, the hemp/resin plate process equipment has a large investment and high production cost. The phenolic resin and its solvent used are volatile and flammable. They are high molecular compounds that are currently developing rapidly in foreign synthetic foam. The pollution is serious. The production ring uses the direction key to move the focus to the required section and press the confirmation key, which has poor environment and safety. Therefore, the lead screw drive should be selected. PP fiber/hemp composite uses thermoplastic PP fiber and hemp staple fiber to make felt. Under hot pressing conditions, PP fiber melts to bond hemp fiber into plates. Through special flame retardant treatment, the composite has certain flame retardant effect. It can be widely used in automobile interior parts, luggage, furniture and other production industries. It is an ideal substitute for hemp/phenolic resin composite. From the perspective of process, economy and technology, but the pace of elimination is still accelerating. The new PP fiber/composite has the following characteristics: low energy consumption, no pollution, low raw material requirements, flame retardancy, insulation, advanced process technology, etc. (zhaozhike)

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