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Development overview of the plastic packaging industry and how to deal with the crisis from September 24 to September 26, 2009, the second northeast three provinces Plastic Industry Summit Forum opened in Panjin, China. The plastic industry summit forum was highly valued by the Secretary of Panjin Municipal Party committee and the mayor. Zhengkai, Secretary General of China Engineering Plastics Association, and a large number of experts and entrepreneurs participated in the summit forum

at the plastic industry summit forum, sun Dongquan, Deputy Secretary General of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, elaborated in detail on the development of the plastic packaging industry in 2008 and the innovative development of the plastic packaging industry in 2009, and introduced the national strategy to deal with the financial crisis

2008 development overview of the plastic packaging industry

2008 in the face of the challenge of the global financial crisis, the plastic packaging industry overcame the difficulties of the sharp rise and fall of raw materials and fierce market competition, actively adjusted the product structure, changed the mode of production and operation and economic growth, and saw ups and downs in production and marketing. See attached table for output analysis of main products:

2008 output analysis table of main products of plastic packaging materials

analysis table

analysis table

it can be seen from the above table that the growth rate of functional packaging film (composite film) and coextrusion film exceeds that of other products. In particular, the macro-control of packaging base film has been effective, and the growth rate has slowed down, which is in line with the actual situation of the enterprise

(I). The soft plastic packaging materials have maintained a steady development

(II). The industrial scale of the plastic hollow container industry has continued to develop

(III). The plastic weaving industry is developing towards value innovation, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and the realization of a virtuous cycle

(IV). The situation of the foam packaging materials industry

(V) The current international financial crisis has led to a decline in the global real economy. The economies of developed countries represented by the United States, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom have entered recession. China's plastic packaging industry has been greatly impacted by the reduction in exports of downstream industries, and domestic demand has continued to decline

the first batch of insurance compensation pilot departments of key new materials were launched by the state to actively introduce economic stimulus measures. In 2009, the plastic packaging industry will develop steadily

(I). On November 9, 2008, ten measures were introduced to further expand domestic demand and promote economic growth

(II). On December 3, 2008, nine policies and measures for financial promotion of economic development were determined

(III). In early 2009, the adjustment and revitalization plan for ten major industries was formulated and issued.

(IV). Since the second half of 2008, the export tax rebate rate has been raised six times to ensure the stability of exports.

(V). Since the second half of 2008, the deposit and loan interest rates have been lowered four times to stimulate the growth of consumption and investment.

(VI). Active measures have been taken, The stable stock industry cycle makes the raising and investing society progress. Our technology can't be inferior to the unfamiliar change. In fact, this is not the first time that Xinxiang Chemical fiber has made an undisclosed additional city development in recent years. It can be predicted that the state will further introduce economic stimulus measures according to the situation in the future, which will create a good macro atmosphere for the development of China's plastic packaging industry in 2009 and promote the development of the plastic packaging industry

it is suggested that enterprises in the plastic industry achieve new development through mergers or equity participation

1. The era of sustained and high-speed growth in China has gone forever, and the growth rate will slow down in the future

2. The mode of development through investment in new production lines is very risky

3. At present, the profit margin of the domestic plastic packaging industry is very low, and many industries have even shown signs of slight losses. Several large listed companies in the national plastic packaging industry are currently restructuring their assets due to losses

4. It is a very good model to make effective use of the existing production capacity of the industry. In the film industry, Zhejiang bendo purchased Jiangsu Nantian BOPP capacitor film production line, and Donghong company, a subsidiary of Cangzhou Mingzhu, purchased Shandong XinDongLi BOPA production line, which are all examples for enterprises in the entire plastic industry

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