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Development of solar energy fence power supply

Abstract: This paper introduces the design idea of a solar energy fence power supply that has been put into use. The power supply has perfect protection circuit, small size, light weight and high efficiency

key words: power supply; Solar cell; Electric fence

1 introduction

with the deepening of people's understanding of ecological balance, the protection of wild animals has been paid more and more attention by more and more people. However, in the process of protecting wild animals, the struggle between people and animals for food has increasingly become the most prominent contradiction. How to protect crops from being damaged by wild animals without harming wild animals? Solar electric fence may be the best choice. Recently, we have developed an orchard solar power supply, which not only has the function of lighting at night, but also has the function of anti-theft and anti wildlife damage. After field trial, the effect is very good

2 basic scheme of solar electric fence power supply

the working principle block diagram of solar electric fence power supply circuit is shown in Figure 1. The power supply is mainly composed of solar cell module, charge and discharge controller, battery, high voltage pulse generator and fence line. The solar cell outputs electric energy under the sunlight. The battery is charged and discharged through the charge and discharge controller. The high-voltage pulse generator reverses the low-voltage DC current into a high-voltage pulse of about 5000v and outputs it to the fence line. When the animal touches the fence line, it will generate an electric shock, which will cause the animal to have a psychological conditioned reflex. When the animal sees the fence line, it will be afraid and stay away from the fence line, So as to protect crops or livestock

Figure 1 working principle block diagram of solar electric fence power supply circuit

3 design points of solar electric fence power supply

3.1 design of solar power supply part

according to the local monthly average daily radiation and load size, through computer program design, the power of solar cell is 65W, and the capacity of battery is 12V, 100Ah

according to the local meteorological conditions, 36 125mm 125mm polycrystalline silicon solar cell modules are selected [1]

12V, 100Ah maintenance free lead-acid battery suitable for solar power generation shall be selected

the charge and discharge controller has the functions of over charge protection, over discharge protection, anti reverse charging, anti reverse connection, etc., to ensure the long-term reliable operation of the system, Specific indicators are as follows [2]:

low voltage disconnection point 10.8v

recovery of power supply voltage 12.3v

overcharge disconnection point 14.3v

recovery of charging voltage 13.6v

temperature compensation coefficient - 3.5mv/℃

3.2 design of high voltage pulse part

design of driving part with uc3526pwm chip as the core. The two outputs of uc3526 are respectively connected to the main switching device of push-pull part. After boosting through transformer, Many high-voltage chemicals with output of about 5000v can cause real-time or chronic stimulus response pressure pulse. The width of the high-voltage pulse is adjusted by the potentiometer installed on the power supply housing

3.2.1 main requirements for high-voltage pulse part

1) the high-voltage pulse voltage is about 5000v, but the current is small and discontinuous, without fatal injury to people, animals and animals

2) the pulse width can be adjusted to minimize the energy consumption and achieve the goal

3.2.2 selection and principle of pulse width modulation circuit

the output pulse of the electric fence does not need a high frequency. Under the condition of meeting the requirements, the price of PE and PP using oil as raw materials increases due to the rise of oil price, while the price of PVC is stable, which gives a development opportunity for the plastic wood composite material of PVC basic material. The low frequency and narrow pulse width are used to reduce the consumption of electric energy

uc3526 is a high-performance monolithic integrated PWM switching regulator control circuit, which is packaged in 18 pin dual inline. The two terminal complementary drive stage can output DC 100mA current. It can also provide external synchronization, soft start, undervoltage locking and dead band adjustment [3]. Compared with other integrated pulse width modulators, it can stably output pulses as low as 1Hz. The functions of each pin are as follows, and the principle block diagram is shown in Figure 2

Figure 2 uc3526 principle block diagram

1 error amplifier in-phase terminal 2 error amplifier inverse terminal

3 error amplifier compensation 4 soft start capacitor

5 reset 6 current limit sensing positive terminal

7 current limit sensing negative terminal 8 output shutdown terminal

9 timing resistor 10 timing capacitor

11 dead band adjustment 12 external synchronous signal input terminal

13 output drive a 14 output stage power supply positive pole

15 common ground 16 output drive b

17 power supply Positive 18 reference output terminal

3.2.3 working principle of high voltage pulse generator

Figure 3 shows the schematic diagram of high voltage pulse generator. The output frequency is set to 1Hz, and the duty cycle can be adjusted through R1 at any time according to the actual use effect. The undervoltage signal from the charge discharge controller is connected to pin 8 of the output shutdown end through D1, and the overvoltage signal from the charge discharge controller is connected to find out the best temperature and pressure conditions. It is also connected to pin 8 of the output shutdown end through D2. In the figure, R5 is used for current limiting protection. When the high-voltage pulse generator is overcurrent, the sampling signal on R5 is sent to pin 3 of the compensation end of uc3526 through a triode to achieve the purpose of current limiting protection

Figure 3 Schematic diagram of high voltage pulse generator

4 conclusion whether the electromechanical wiring is firmly connected

after the device was put into operation, after nearly half a year of on-site inspection, it has been proved that the operation is stable and reliable, and the actual effect is also very good. It not only protects the fruit from damage by animals, but also provides power for living lighting for the orchard

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