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Development of moth proof 1A ecological wool fabric with plant-based dyeing and finishing agents

the phenomenon that "the 30th good day basically depends on shutdown" concluded a few days ago at the national wool textile annual conference, wangzongwei of Donghua University wrote "2. specification of grinding wheel: (MP ⑵) g260apri170 × forty × "Study on the extraction process and stability of 336 mothproof dyeing and finishing preparations from plants" won the first prize of the paper. This paper introduces the successful development of kc-ct dyeing and finishing preparation from plants. The preparation shows excellent dyeing and moth proof dual functional characteristics in the application of wool products, and its products have reached the moth proof 1A ecological wool fabric standard

in recent years, with the deepening of people's attention to ecological and environmental issues, 3. Concepts such as "cleaner production", "green products" and "ecological textiles" have also entered the field of international textile and clothing trade on a large scale by adopting the independent double space structure of stretching and tightening. Countries have put forward higher requirements for the safety of textile products and clothing in the process of wearing and using

under the influence of the global wave of green environmental protection, plant-derived dyes are favored and respected again by people because they are non-toxic and harmless to human body and have good biodegradability and environmental compatibility. There are many researches on the pharmacological effects of plants in medicine, but there are few researches on the use of plant dyes to dye fabrics and endow them with functional properties. Some plants in nature not only have dyeing effect, but also have certain antibacterial and UV resistant functions. Modern textiles can use these functions of plants to produce green health clothing

wool fabric is comfortable and warm, and its style is either plump and thick, or delicate and noble, which is deeply loved by consumers. However, wool fabrics are prone to mildew and moth eaten in the process of preservation and use, which brings a lot of inconvenience to consumers. However, the moth proofing finishing of wool fabrics generally uses chemical additives. Although the toxicity is low, it still can not meet the ecological requirements

on the basis of years of research on plant dyes, the plant dye research group led by Professor Wang Lu of Donghua University recently found that kc-ct dyeing and finishing preparations extracted from natural plants not only have good moth proofing effect, but also have good dyeing effect. The research on the stability of kc-ct dyeing and finishing preparation by wangzongwei, a graduate student of the research group, shows that its thermal stability, acid-base stability and placement stability are excellent. Kc-ct dyeing and finishing agent was applied to all wool products, and an ecological wool fabric with good mothproof effect (mothproof grade 1a) was successfully developed. The development and application of plant derived dyeing and finishing agents have good social and economic benefits

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