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To become the entrance of smart home, smart lock must consider these three elements

Abstract: in order to detonate the smart home market, smart lock also needs to drive the establishment of online and efficient after-sales service system with offline promotion mode, the cost reduction and price reduction brought by scale effect, and the huge consumption driving force of social and emotional demand

although people generally believe that smart home is a trillion level blue ocean market, many company teams have tried various tricks and spent a lot of money, but the door is still intact

as the most important scenario economy for household consumption in the next decade, the ecological industrial chain of smart home includes technology providers such as smart appliances, communication, voice interaction technology, fingerprint recognition technology, as well as various new smart hardware manufacturers; There are also e-commerce crowdfunding platforms and offline distribution channels

in front of the smart home with complex systems and intertwined industries, how can entrepreneurs find a suitable entry point to bet on the sharp knife products of "a needle pierces the sky", and break the situation of wandering and worrying outside the smart home. At present, Dunhuang in Gansu Province is the location of the world cultural heritage Mogao Grottoes, which is an urgent matter

first, the biggest demand for smart home is "smart security", not "smart appliances"

smart home was once set as "living room economy", and many domestic home appliance manufacturers are the pioneers to enter the smart home market. After connecting WiFi and installing Bluetooth, the TV, air conditioner, air purifier, water dispenser, floor sweeping robot and other equipment are controlled by intelligence; Because it can directly improve the market share of intelligence and the stickiness of system use, manufacturers are often seen active in the field of smart home

however, the concept of smart home is very hot and the products are dazzling. Consumers don't buy it. At present, there is no real reshaping of people's home lifestyle. The reasons are: first of all, many smart home products only add the connection function, which does not hit the pain point of users; Secondly, at this stage, most of the people who accept smart home are rich young people in cities. For the middle-aged and elderly, new tricks are more cumbersome than cumbersome; After deducting most rural families in China, the market scale is relatively narrow; Thirdly, the update iteration cycle of household appliances is short. For example, users have just bought 4K TVs, and curved TVs are popular again. In addition, the opening rate of many smart appliances is limited. For example, people watch TV less and less, and the air purifier is only opened in haze weather

intelligent security plays an increasingly important role in smart home. Intelligent security devices such as access control, smart locks, cameras, etc. can be connected with internet big data, cloud services, etc., to realize the upgrading of functional products to intelligent products. Relatively speaking, intelligent security has great potential in the smart home camp, and its advantages are reflected in:

(1) a large number of home users: safety is the most primitive basic need of every family. Whether in urban and rural areas, people are more willing to invest in security, and the richer the people are, the less secure they are. In recent years, the intelligent security system of high-end residential buildings has become one of the main selling points of developers selling real estate

(2) strong demand and real pain points: according to the statistics of the Ministry of public security, the annual family losses caused by burglary are as high as 1130 billion yuan. Especially with the implementation of the policy of demolishing fences and building open communities, the probability of theft in communities has soared, and the demand for intelligent security of urban families will be more vigorous

(3) high frequency use viscosity: people often do not easily replace security equipment such as door locks, and the service cycle can be as long as 5 to 8 years. Out of concern for the personal and property safety of their families, users remain sensitive to the security level of intelligent security devices and joint information

second, the potential of smart lock to become the "entrance" of smart home

smart lock is different from mechanical lock. It unlocks through inductive card, digital password and fingerprint. Fingerprint, as a unique biological password, is widely used in locks, making it as convenient to open the door as to open the iPhone screen with fingerprint, which greatly improves the security level and convenience

fingerprint will not worry about being stolen or copied, so it has higher security; When you go out, you don't have to check repeatedly whether you have forgotten your key; At work or in other places, you can check the access of family members through the app of smart lock; When checking the visits of relatives and friends through the visual camera, use remote unlocking; It can also manage the fingerprint passwords of multiple smart locks on the app; Renting a house can automatically add or remove the tenants' fingerprints without changing the lock cylinder; In particular, family fingerprints can be stored on the "private cloud"

data show that European and American electronic locks account for 50% of civil locks, while the popularity of smart locks in South Korea reaches 80%, while the popularity of fingerprint smart locks in Chinese families is less than 2%. There are about 350million families in China. Every 5% increase in the installation of fingerprint locks can bring 17.5 million sales, generating sales of about 14billion yuan; The huge market growth potential has accelerated the pace of international well-known fingerprint lock brands such as deshmann in Germany, Yale in the United States and Samsung in South Korea to seize the Chinese smart lock market

consumers' awareness and acceptance of smart locks are rising rapidly. Some smart lock projects have become "dark horses" in the field of crowdfunding before they are launched: xiaodiyun smart locks have raised nearly 20.52 million; Bida I8, which integrates fingerprint, sensor card, password and other unlocking methods, raised 1.64 million; The main product is the fingerprint lock with control, which has raised 542000 yuan

the smart lock entrepreneurship project has ushered in the spring of investment and financing. The well-known smart lock brands Digil and Yale have been acquired by Swedish lock giant Assa Abloy, and the integration of industry resources has intensified. It is reported that xiaodiyun smart lock received a round a financing of 123million yuan in March 2016, surpassing the previous record of 100million yuan set by Jimi screenless TV in the field of smart home, representing the trend that the breakthrough point of smart home is shifting from smart home appliances to smart security. Compared with many other smart home hardware, the essence of smart lock is "the lock of interconnection", and it is regarded as a rare access to home interconnection:

(1) fingerprint encryption, APP texting, cloud link alarm make the security level of smart lock much higher than mechanical lock, finger fingerprint replaces traditional keys, and the product experience is more convenient

(2) with personal fingerprint as ID, smart lock can connect other smart home hardware and drive the sales of smart home products such as door magnet, window magnet, intelligent monitoring, intelligent light control, intelligent thermostat and smoke detector, automatic curtain, etc., which not only has the vertical weight necessary for the start-up of start-ups, but also has the deep potential of the ecological chain

(3) the replacement cycle of smart locks is years, which buys enough time for many smart home products to interact with each other and form a family IOT

third, the outbreak of the home smart lock industry still needs to overcome three difficulties

so far, there has not been a unicorn company in the smart home market, and investors have high hopes on whether the smart lock can change the false fire situation of smart home. Intelligent lock, an intelligent hardware, still has great challenges in product technology, supply chain, channel sales, after-sales service and so on. Whether it can finally reach thousands of households still needs to overcome three major difficulties: quality control, channel and service

quality control: the production process and technology of intelligent locks are more complex than ordinary mechanical locks. The performance and quality of intelligent locks will be affected by lock manufacturers, cloud service providers, fingerprint algorithm technology, APP program development, communication protocols, batteries and other factors in the industrial chain. At present, some small factories in the market buy modules and rush to the production line after assembly

in fact, as an optical electromechanical integrated product, intelligent lock must have more than three years of process manufacturing experience to ensure the stability and precision of molds and accessories; Only by realizing mass production can we reduce the marginal cost of smart locks and change the current high price of smart locks. Intelligent lock requires high accuracy of fingerprint algorithm. The key to fingerprint unlocking is to improve the unlocking speed while reaching the same high-precision algorithm. Since the preservation, identification and update of fingerprints depend on "cloud services", the "cloud" end has become a hub for intelligent functions such as remote unlocking, false lock alarm and message push. In the smelting process using waste as raw materials, generally, induction furnaces are not used to send smelting equipment, message record query and so on. Therefore, the selection of cloud service providers is particularly important

channel off: at present, most smart locks choose the sales form of crowdfunding or direct selling in the mall. This pure e-commerce model ignores the value of traditional channels. In order to realize the rapid popularization of smart locks in a short time, we should vigorously integrate the offline mature dealer channel resources. In the initial stage of market development, the market capacity of plastic extruders will be further expanded. Most consumers are still unfamiliar with smart locks. Installing smart locks is a rational decision of families. Blindly online promotion and hard advertising promotion mode may be difficult to work. It is more grounded for smart lock to open direct experience stores, or cooperate with home building materials, hardware stores, store display stores and other channels to drive sales with on-site experience

service level: in different regional environments, there will be different standards for fire protection, cold protection, rain protection, etc. of intelligent locks; The conditions for installing smart locks into the home are different. For example, the thickness of anti-theft doors is different, and the matching requirements are also different. Professional after-sales personnel are required to provide door-to-door service for the installation or maintenance of smart locks

as the popularization of smart locks is the general trend, some new smart lock brands have emerged in the market. Regardless of the mass production capacity, huge capital investment is needed in the implementation of services. In this regard, lock companies that started from traditional enterprises show comparative advantages. The o2o mode of online and offline two wheel drive is more suitable for intelligent lock sales and services. For example, intelligent worry free service platform can send orders online, and then offline suppliers or service personnel can provide after-sales services

in order to detonate the smart home market, smart locks also need to drive the establishment of online and efficient after-sales service system with offline promotion mode, the cost reduction and price reduction caused by scale effect, and the huge consumption driving force of social and emotional demand

in the long run, the trump card of the smart lock market will depend on the quality of the product supply chain and the offline service system. The stronger the foundation, the more the brand premium and the trust of home users can be won; When it is extended to other smart home fields, it has stronger potential energy. Whether smart lock can become a breakthrough in smart home and shoulder the important task of connecting home IOT remains to be tested by the market

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