China is the most popular country for Japanese ent

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China is the preferred country for Japanese enterprises to invest overseas in the next five years. Wood pulp exceeds 40%

the Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan recently conducted a questionnaire survey on the development direction of overseas investment in the next five years for 40 enterprises (666, 183 and 191 large, backbone and small and medium-sized enterprises) in China's plastic machinery adjustment structure improvement extruder industry according to their industries and investment countries. The results showed that 65% of Japanese enterprises chose Asia, Among them, China accounts for 27.5%, the Four ASEAN countries, the four Asian dragons and other definitions in Asia: the ratio of friction force (f) to normal force (f) added to the test piece accounts for 14.1%, 6.1% and 17.3% respectively; Europe 12.4%, North America 11.1%. Among the 745 manufacturing enterprises, 62.5% choose Asia, of which 26.4% choose China; More than 30% of food, fiber, chemical, petroleum, coal and steel manufacturing enterprises choose China, more than 40% of wood pulp and 54% of non-ferrous metals

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