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China has become a hot spot in the global packaging market

the 17th Interpack international packaging machinery, packaging and confectionery machinery exhibition is indeed the first exhibition in the global packaging industry. The latest technology and creativity of global packaging manufacturing are displayed here, which is amazing

Editor's note: Interpack, an international top packaging exhibition, brings together suppliers with cutting-edge packaging technology in the world. Two members of the magazine interviewed many of the world's top suppliers and recorded their interviews

Scene 1: prominent president of Krones company

on Krones' wide second floor booth, the tall president Gong Xide with fashionable earphones was very prominent in the middle of the group. When he saw China and heard about China, he was even more happy. He proudly summarized Krones' achievements in China. By the end of 2004, there were 37 Krones aseptic cold filling production lines in the global market, which were designed to represent the most advanced filling technology for injection molding and extrusion molding in the medical and food industries, of which 7 were installed in China, accounting for 19% of the global total. Krones' business in China is growing at a double-digit rate every year, and Krones' sterile cold filling production line has a market share of 30%. China will become the world's largest packaging machinery market. The purchasing power of the Chinese market far exceeded their expectations. Last year, Krones established Krones (Taicang can provide more opportunities for the non-metallic industry) Machinery Co., Ltd. in China. President Gong Xide visits China 2 to 3 times a year. Even Krones' restaurants have added Chinese main structure engineering testing flavor meals to receive guests from China

scenario 2: BOSCH company's press conference

as a world-renowned packaging machinery supplier, Bosch Company's press conference brought together nearly 100 people from all over the world. As China's us, we wanted to ask Bosch Company about its plans for the Chinese market, but we didn't expect our work to be "done" by foreign companies early. BOSCH company has set up its own factory in Hangzhou, China, so at least fiveorsix media are consulting iedbert klefenz, President of the packaging Department of Bosch Company, about the development of Bosch Company in China, and asked to introduce the situation of Chinese packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises

iedbert klefenz answer: the development of Chinese packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises cannot be described by the speed one by one. The growth of Chinese packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises can be said to be like mushrooms, developing rapidly one by one. In terms of the quality of packaging machinery production, at the beginning, Chinese packaging machinery was dominated by imitation, but after about three years, products with very good quality can be produced. But Bosch Company is not worried about the competition from enterprises in Chinese Mainland. Isn't the competition from packaging machinery manufacturers in Taiwan, China and South Korea always on the global market? Our advantage lies in better understanding the needs of users, higher quality and on the basis of strong technical reserves, we can constantly launch innovative products

talking about the situation of Chinese factories, this magazine asked iedbert klefenz whether the product varieties produced by Bosch's Chinese factories will focus on certain types of products, or will they further expand the product varieties. He said confidently: we plan to produce all the products of Bosch Company in the Chinese factory

scenario 3: Barry Tucker, former president of the British processing and Packaging Machinery Association: "the manufacturing base of the world's packaging machinery in the future will be in China"

Barry Tucker's first sentence in an interview with this magazine is: "the manufacturing base of the world's packaging machinery in the future will be in China." He explained from the following two aspects: first, apart from the export-oriented packaging machinery in Germany and Italy, the packaging machinery manufacturing industry in the whole Europe is declining, especially in the UK. The cost of manufacturing machines in Europe is too high. It's better to buy them back from Asia. Second, there is no doubt that China has become a world processing plant. The manufacturing of packaging machinery must be closely dependent on users in order to meet the needs of users and have a market and space for survival. This is why many European machinery manufacturers have set up factories in China

however, despite the current difficulties, many manufacturing and processing enterprises still have doubts about China's investment environment, legal protection, infrastructure and other conditions, and are worried that a relatively unfamiliar environment will not adapt. After all, this is a challenge for them. In addition, some European enterprises began to purchase parts in China to reduce manufacturing costs and enhance the competitiveness of products. Facts will prove that those who go ahead will become winners

scenario 4: there are many Chinese customers in the booth of Bossa, Spain.

Miss LAN Xuejun, the regional sales manager of Bossa, Spain, is very busy at the booth these two days, and she is so tired that she has a fever. She said that the horizontal drinking water soft bag filling machine launched by Bossa was sought after by many Chinese companies. It is revealed that many Chinese companies have come to watch and signed several orders. It is believed that new packaging products will appear in the Chinese market soon

Scene 5: meet zongqinghou, chairman of Wahaha Group by chance

in this international exhibition, you can often hear the voice of Chinese people digitally display the temperature value. Once I took the subway back to the hotel, and then sat next to my Chinese compatriots. Next to this Chinese compatriots sat his supplier. I didn't know. I was surprised when I asked. It turned out that zongqinghou, chairman of Wahaha Group, was beside me. It's hard to see him in China. This time, it's actually close in front of you. Unfortunately, chairman Zong immediately got off the train at the station, and there was no time for more exchanges. During the Interpack exhibition, I also met with representatives of many end-user enterprises, such as delis group, Huiyuan Group, Xi'an Janssen, Danone China and so on. It can be said that powerful Chinese enterprises will come to this exhibition to review the world's most advanced packaging technology for serious investigation and understanding. It is through their continuous introduction that the level of China's packaging technology has changed with each passing day

source: China India media

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