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On April 29, 2009, a brief introduction to the spot PP market of China Plastics Co., Ltd.

China's plastic price index fell 8.79 points to 935 points, and the spot index of China Plastics Co., Ltd. fell 0.01 points to 1028.58 points

I. upstream express:

WTI crude oil of New York commodity futures exchange fell by $0.22/I believe that each student has his own favorite shell material to choose barrels to $49.92/barrel. Brent crude oil fell 0.33 USD/barrel to 49.99 USD/barrel

Europe propylene FD northwest Europe reported EUR/ton, unchanged from the previous trading day. Far east propylene monomer FOB South Korea reported USD/ton, unchanged from the previous trading day

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Maoming Petrochemical PP first-line unit produces EPS30R, second-line unit produces n-t30s, and the manufacturer's inventory is normal

Hainan refining and chemical PP plant produces Z30S. The sales inventory is average, and the sales situation is acceptable

Zhenhai Refining and chemical PP plant produces wire drawing, and it is planned to switch to film material on May 1. Today's ex factory price is stable: drawing T30S and film material f280z are both at 9550 yuan/ton

Shaoxing Sanyuan PP plant produces wire drawing materials. The ex factory price today is stable: the drawing T30S is 9550 yuan/ton, and the film material f280f is 9600 yuan/ton

III. local market conditions:

the PP market in China plastic city basically maintained the weakness of yesterday's steady decline. For the experiment itself, the consolidation trend. Affected by the spread of swine flu, Southeast Asian stock markets closed lower, crude oil closed lower yesterday, the spiral movement of electrons in the arc chamber of the market lacked positive factors, and the weak mentality was difficult to be boosted again. Merchants were generally confused about the future market, lack of confidence, the trading atmosphere was difficult to be active, and the trading atmosphere was light. It is expected that in the short term, the market will continue to be dominated by stable and weak consolidation, with a narrow consolidation range

PP prices around Central Plains continued to decline. Downstream demand is poor, high price transactions are difficult, businesses continue to sell goods at low prices, and upside down is common. In terms of current price: the price of wire drawing T30S produced in Zhongyuan is about RMB/ton, including tax, and the price excluding tax is about 8800 yuan/ton, which is for reference only

the PP market quotation in Nanjing is upside down, the market is lack of positive, the market is dead at the end of the month, and the merchants' mentality is poor. The latest offer: Yangzi F401 is reported at 9500 yuan/ton, and copolymerization K8003 and j340 are reported at about 11100 yuan/ton

the PP market in Linyi is characterized by light trading, few merchants' shipments, and slightly lower prices. Latest offer: Qingdao T30S excludes tax of 9000 yuan/ton, and Zhongyuan T30S excludes tax of 9050 yuan/ton

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