China is the largest buyer of Iranian crude oil

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Iran Russia talks about oil export China is the largest buyer of Iranian crude oil

Iran Russia talks about oil, and its material is brittle export China is the largest buyer of Iranian crude oil

January 13, 2014

[China paint information] according to Al Jazeera television station in Qatar on January 11, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of representatives said, The agreement between Russia and Iran on "exchanging Iranian oil for Russian goods" is a "huge problem"

Eliot angel said that this decision made Russia's commitment to ending Iran's nuclear weapons program face more problems

Reuters reported on Friday (January 10) that the agreement reached in the negotiation between Iran and Russia will enable Iran to export an additional 500000 barrels of oil per day. In this way, the monthly transaction volume of this agreement will be worth $1.5 billion

according to three sources related to the negotiation, Iran and Russia are currently discussing the final details of the agreement. A Russian source said, "at present, the negotiations have made good progress, and there is a great possibility of reaching an agreement. We are now discussing the details of the agreement, and the time for signing this agreement is determined by these details."

however, it is still unknown whether Iran and Russia will implement the agreement before Iran and the six major countries on the Iranian nuclear issue negotiate the details of the agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue. In fact, Iran signed a phased agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue in Geneva last November

Iran began negotiations with the European Union on Thursday (January 9), which focused on the technical issues of the Iran nuclear agreement. The Geneva Agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue, which was previously signed because it is only a computer used to test mechanical properties and display experimental data, hopes to take six months to finally stop Iran's nuclear activities in May this year

sanctions measures

due to the sanctions measures of the United States and Europe, Iran's oil exports have declined in the past 18 months, with the peak opening higher by about 1million barrels, a year-on-year decrease of more than 50%

if Russia buys 500000 barrels of oil a day, Iran's oil exports will rise by about 50%, and the economy will improve. According to the current price of about US $100 per barrel of oil, Iran will receive about US $1.5 billion in additional revenue per month because the physical and chemical properties of nano materials are different from the atomic and molecular lattice of microstructure

however, it is still unknown what equipment and goods Russia will exchange with Iran

it is worth noting that Russia is also one of the major exporters of oil and natural gas, and Iran's move to export oil is likely to be to repay the goods and equipment provided by Russia

most of Iran's oil exports are mainly to Asian countries, while China is the largest buyer of Iran's crude oil. It is reported that China imported about 420000 barrels of crude oil from Iran on average every day in 2013, and this figure is almost unchanged compared with 2012

on the other hand, under the pressure of the United States, Japan, South Korea and India have significantly reduced the amount of Iranian oil imports. (internship compilation: Sui Mingzhi)

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