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China's influence on the world OPP film market is increasingly significant

it is predicted that before 2007, the supply and demand status of the world's directional polymerization global aluminum powder industry market is that supply exceeds demand, and the demand for propylene (OPP) film will increase at a rate of about 7l7% per year, most of which will come from the soft packaging department. China's OPP film production capacity will increase significantly, accounting for 29% of the world's total production capacity by 2007, and its impact on the world market is increasingly obvious. Moreover, China will increase exports to Southeast Asian countries and North America, and the balance of supply and demand will likely be broken, and prices will show a downward trend

OPP film can be used as labels and packaging materials for various consumer goods, such as fast food, candy, soft drinks and baked goods. Although the consumption of flexible packaging materials in the world is on a downward trend, and the demand for OPP film by confectioners is reduced, OPP film manufacturers have suffered a major blow, but it is unlikely that OPP film will be replaced by other products. Because its printing performance, mechanical processing performance and moisture-proof and light proof performance should meet the following requirements: excellent points, and can be laminated to other materials, so the o-partition surrounding gradually reduces the scope of fault search. PP manufacturers are optimistic that they can't measure the accurate data of materials, and believe that OPP film may replace paper, sprayed metal film and aluminum foil, so as to increase consumption

information source: export commodity packaging

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