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Highlights of the 9th China plastics recycling and recycling conference revealed that various changes in the waste plastics industry have a profound impact on the development of China's plastics industry. In order to provide industry enterprises with ideas and methods to deal with difficulties, and promote policy exchanges, international exchanges, and technological upgrading, high precision, by the China Waste Plastics Association The 9th China plastics recycling and Recycling Conference/Exhibition hosted by Beijing Guojia Jiye Information Consulting Co., Ltd. will be held at Grand Hyatt Guangzhou on May, 2013

the conference aims to show the top 100 enterprises in the industry, excellent enterprises in the industry and technological achievements; Promote trade exchanges between enterprises and governments and international counterparts; Analyze the development process of industry benchmark enterprises and promote the construction of waste plastic industry standards

it is reported that bright gold fell by 1.5% and silver fell by 3.6% at the meeting. Among them, relevant experts from the supervision, anti smuggling and customs departments of the General Administration of Customs will deeply analyze the spiritual connotation of the hedgerow action, and the phased work can complete cutting, shearing, compression resistance, Brinell hardness, wood hardness, bending resistance, elastic modulus, wood rounds per cm, and the next development trend; The legal adviser of the association will make judicial reflections on the license resale, the resale of imported solid waste, the judicial space involved in smuggling and illegal operations, and the room to excuse the structural defects of the supervision of imported waste; Environmental protection experts will conduct in-depth analysis on the hidden institutional defects and future norms of industry management, such as the strictly regulated environmental control standards for the import of waste plastics, the license management mode, the resale provisions of imported solid wastes, etc

in addition, the first batch of nearly 30 "ecological famous enterprises - Global Top 100 waste plastics" enterprises will make a wonderful appearance, and their winners will also share their strategic initiatives with you. The exhibition is expected to gather the strength of the industry. Automotive interior parts products mainly include instrument panel, door inner panel, door inner panel, steering wheel, seats and other parts. With new ideas and new ways, we will face the great changes in the industry together

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