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Highlight innovative strength and lead the welding industry

from June 4 to 7, 2012, the 17th Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition (Essen 2012), one of the world's two major professional international welding exhibitions, was grandly held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center

during the four-day Essen 2012, the most eye-catching robots are ubiquitous. In the super large venue of 100000 square meters, all kinds of welding and cutting robots dancing mechanical arms can be seen everywhere, fully demonstrating the advent of the era of digital, intelligent and robot welding. Throughout the exhibition, a total of 17 exhibitors showed 27 FANUC robots, showing the audience different applications such as arc welding, spot welding, laser welding, handling, loading and unloading, laser cutting, and setting off a robot viewing boom

the popularization and application of robot welding in FANUC exhibition stand in Shanghai is bound to become a major change in the equipment manufacturing industry. Leading enterprises in the industry are not only the promoters of industry development, but also the pioneers of industry development. During this exhibition, Shanghai FANUC held a grand global debut ceremony of FANUC r-0ia intelligent robot to comprehensively display FANUC's cutting-edge technology and latest products in the field of welding and cutting. The launch and exhibition site undoubtedly become the focus of attention of many audiences. The FANUC r-0ia, the latest robot in 2012, has a compact and delicate body design and an ultra light overall structure. While maintaining the original reliability, it has achieved excellent cost performance, adding a new force to the industrial intelligent robot market

2012 FANUC r-0ia new product launch site

at this Essen exhibition, haifanako demonstrated the arc welding performance of the new r-0ia robot launched in the world through actual welding on its booth: r-0ia is equipped with a 2-axis positioner, and through their high-precision coordinated action, at the same time, with the latest servo technology, it realizes the optimal high-speed action of arc welding application. Equipped with Lincoln's new motor, it demonstrates the high-quality welding process without splash. With the arc, the welding gun swam at both ends of the weld, and the welding was done at one go. The perfect curve movement and superb welding technology became the biggest highlight on the FANUC booth

in addition, FANUC robot also showed multi process welding, new laser cutting and other operations. It is composed of a strong lineup of six sets of robot systems with different processes and diverse applications. In the intelligent arc welding flexible workstation, the 14 axis coordinated linkage system composed of multi robots and 2-axis servo positioner is used, which greatly improves the welding speed and welding quality. At the same time, the application of visual positioning weld also greatly improves the intelligence of the robot; The spot welding and handling workstation is equipped with a servo flexible positioning device, which is developed according to the flexible production requirements of the body in white welding production line in the automotive industry, and can meet the eight application requirements of multi-layer architectural coatings GB 9779 in the manufacturing process of automobiles and parts. At the same time, the spot welding robot FANUC r-1000ia shows the function of LVC (learning damping device). By optimizing the robot's motion trajectory, reducing vibration, shortening the action cycle by about 20%, and achieving higher speed action

fanuc r-0ia field welding demonstration

in the workstation where the stress at each point of the arc welder of construction machinery is expressed by the load at that point divided by the original cross-sectional area of the sample, the application of laser real-time weld tracking technology can accurately locate the weld position and greatly improve the weld quality. The l-arm design of the 2-axis servo positioner makes the workpiece welding space wider and greatly reduces the possibility of robot interference

in the laser cutting workstation, FANUC robot is equipped with the combined application of laser cutting tools to show the effect of high-precision laser cutting. The 2-axis articulated cutting tool can improve flexible production, realize high-speed and high-precision cutting, and even cut small round holes with a diameter of 1mm

in this welding exhibition, Shanghai FANUC displayed high-efficiency automatic arc welding system, welding robot, laser cutting workstation, engineering machinery arc welding workstation, etc. a series of exhibits showed their cutting-edge technologies and latest applications in the field of welding and cutting, which undoubtedly showed the development trend of welding digitalization, intelligence and robot welding. Shanghai FANUC has become an industry expert in providing comprehensive solutions to the global robot welding and cutting industry. The r-0ia robot launched in the world this time will have a far-reaching impact on the welding industry, and continuous innovation will create the dominant position of FANUC robot in the robot industry

fanuc: the world's most diverse manufacturer of FA (factory automation), robots and intelligent machinery. Since its establishment in 1956, the company has always been a pioneer in the development of computer numerical control equipment in the world, making outstanding contributions in the field of automation. In the 1970s, FANUC became the world's largest manufacturer of professional CNC systems. In 2008, FANUC became the largest robot manufacturer in the world, providing more than 240 kinds of robots, with a load ranging from 0.5kg to 1.35t. It is the first company in the world to break through 2. After a large number of experiments, it has broken through 250000 robots by the end of 2011, and its market share remains the first. It is widely distributed in welding, cutting, spraying, casting, handling, palletizing, assembly, sorting, testing, polishing, grinding, cleaning and other different manufacturing fields

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