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The graphic design elements of packaging highlight

packaging design is a comprehensive design specialty, which has a close relationship with technology and market. Some factors of packaging design will directly affect the designer's design method. Therefore, in the process of packaging design, it is necessary to explore and study the elements of packaging design in depth. When designing packaging, designers should first understand the design object in detail, that is, to set packaging materials, understand the status of products, and choose the form of packaging. Then investigate and analyze the consumer groups, market positioning and prices, and the differences with similar products. Only in this way can we design the packaging structure and the selected packaging materials, and then proceed with the packaging decoration design (packaging graphic design). Now we mainly study some elements of graphic design of packaging and decoration. Such as brand and product name (trademark), arrangement of information content, graphic performance (hand-painted, photography, decoration, text), color application, surface texture and special effects

brand name highlights in packaging design

brand and product name (trademark) are the soul of packaging and the key element of conveying commodity information. On the dazzling commodity shelves, how to make consumers clearly identify the attributes of commodities, choose according to the brand they need, how to distinguish from similar products, establish their own specific commodity personality, and how to give consumers a sense of trust and safety in product quality; How to make it have cultural connotation and increase the memory point of consumer brand communication; How to beautify commodities and improve the added value of commodities; How to facilitate the circulation of goods and improve the brand image of goods. These problems are jointly studied by designers and entrepreneurs who entrust design. Through deep trench 6 Tls-s (50 ~ 2000) I even number display spring tension and compression testing machine is connected, and a certain consensus is reached, which is convenient for designers to create

the design of brand and product name is very important in packaging design. To judge whether the packaging design of a commodity is successful or not, how effective is the design of "brand and product name", the key element to convey commodity information. Without paying attention to the creative design of brand and name, the packaging will not show its uniqueness, and without the packaging of brand and name, the goods cannot be sold and circulated. Therefore, it is not only a sign and symbol, but also a consideration of the collocation of colors, the combination of words, symbolic meanings, the form of expression, the performance of style, etc

brands and product names (trademarks) should be reflected in the design:

① there should be attributes:

that is, they should be closely related to merchantability, and clearly indicate what kind of products they belong to, such as food, cosmetics, medicine, hardware, textiles, household appliances, or from consumer objects, children, women, youth, the elderly, etc

② be cultural:

integrate national culture, regional culture, corporate culture and connotation, and the connection and evolution of the times into the design

③ be artistic:

graphics, colors and body expression should have artistic beauty and rich decorative beauty

④ legibility:

whether simple or complex performance is adopted in the design, it should be easy for people to remember, identify and spread

the design forms of brands and product names (trademarks) are diverse, and figures, animals, plants, utensils, and natural objects can be used as patterns according to the attributes, needs, and times of commodities; Take the shape, point, line, surface and body as the pattern; Through different languages and words as patterns; Take national, regional and national cultural graphics as patterns; Take numbers, symbols, abstract graphics as patterns, etc. Designers can choose a variety of forms of expression in the design, and then choose the best form for in-depth design

in the process of design, designers should explore all aspects to find the best design techniques. Single body, repetition, interconnection, pros and cons, yin and Yang, borrowing, combination, virtual reality, overlap, three-dimensional, far and near, movement, symbol, photo, phantom and other techniques are used. It is not only the expression of ideas, but also the purpose of accurately conveying information. Make the graphics simple and easy to remember, harmonious and unified, correct and clear, and perfect in shape

brand and product name in the graphic design of packaging, the level and order are very important. There are seven levels B, C, D, e and F, which are the theme of the whole packaging. No matter how big or small the graphics are, they should be disposed of in the main parts of the package. In terms of the relationship between brand and product name, we can focus on brand or product name, but it should be obvious, clear at a glance, and quickly convey the information of goods. At the same time, we should coordinate and unify with relevant graphics and colors, and create a form of strong resonance with consumers to express the product theme

how to deal with the display of brand and product name on the package is a skill. Designers are also required to be familiar with the packaging process and materials, so as to better reflect the intention of creative design. We should realize that there is a hierarchy in the display of brands and product names on the packaging. If the brand is highlighted, the brand is the main, supplemented by the product name, and the brand is greater than the product name. If the product name is the main one, the brand should be smaller than the product name. 3. The maximum amplitude of the actuator: 75mm (the stroke of the oil cylinder is 0 ⑴ 50mm) product name. How to highlight the brand and product name in the design can be dealt with by color or by means of craft production. For example, hot stamping (gold, silver, color, holographic and other electrochemical aluminum), glazing (UV) treatment produces bright and matte effects, concave convex relief process, etc., which makes the brand and product name form a special effect on the packaging, and has a kind of interest, which affects the feelings and emotions of consumers

this is one of the graphic design elements of packaging. Because its sensor accuracy is high (some reach 1.1 million), it can also test the friction coefficient. How to improve the level of packaging design, we must grasp the design effect of each design element, so as to reflect the overall quality of packaging design. (Wenjia)

source: Shanghai packaging

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