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Zoomlion, Sany, XCMG 2018 BMW exhibition highlights

Zoomlion, Sany, XCMG 2018 BMW exhibition highlights

China Construction machinery information

Zoomlion highlights

56 meter pump car: the global market share of similar products is the first

Zoomlion 56 meter Mercedes Benz chassis high-precision and high-efficiency pump car (zlj5440thbb 56x-6rz) to be unveiled at BMW exhibition is one of the major achievements of Zoomlion's "4.0" project, It has played an important role in the construction of key projects such as the citizen service center in xiong'an new area and the Beijing Xiong railway, and ranked first in the first Hunan Innovation Award in 2017, with the highest market share in the global four axle chassis pump truck market

with 62 patents, the pump truck has made breakthroughs in the reliability, stability, maintainability, cost performance of accessories, remote system upgrading and other common problems in the industry, and is at the leading level in the industry. It is the first high-precision, efficient and high-pressure pumping technology in the industry, with pumping efficiency% higher than that of the industry and energy consumption% lower than that of the industry; Equipped with the world's leading boom active vibration reduction technology, the boom vibration amplitude under full working conditions is within 0.2 meters, ensuring construction safety, and the impact of key parts of the boom can be reduced by 30%, effectively extending the service life of the boom. The self-adaptive pumping control technology under all working conditions focuses on breaking through the pumpability of poor materials, effectively overcoming the common problem of "pickiness" in the pumping system, and reducing the pumping pipe plugging rate by 65%

in terms of product quality, the fatigue optimization design method for structural parts and welds of this pump truck has a laboratory life of 450000 m3 without cracking, reaching the same advanced level in Europe. In terms of intelligent technology, the pump truck can automatically adapt to various working conditions through self-learning of control parameters such as pumping stroke and boom vibration, and always maintain the best performance; Based on multi-sensor integration, load acquisition and cloud remote reliability analysis technology, the real-time fault diagnosis and life prediction of the main oil pump can be realized, and the three-level fault automatic diagnosis of power on self-test, process self-test and shutdown detection can be realized. The electronic control system and the cloud platform realize connection and data interaction, and are fully integrated into the Zoomlion "assembly E-com" intelligent application app. Customers can create a new mode of equipment management by querying the equipment status at any time

zlj5318gjbhe mixer truck: "king of energy saving"

it is understood that this mixer truck is a mixer truck 4.0 product built by Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. relying on its deep technical accumulation and excellent innovation spirit. The biggest highlight is energy saving and oil saving. At the same time, it has the best performance in four aspects: technology, quality, cost and service, making it an outstanding masterpiece of the new mixer. Once launched, it has been widely welcomed by the market, It is known as the "king of energy saving" and "fuel saving housekeeper"

this type of mixer adopts the automatic switching of the whole machine load mode, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is reduced by%, which can save about yuan of fuel per year; At the same time, in view of the pain points in the industry, the three prevention technologies of "oil theft prevention, material theft prevention and slow down prevention" are adopted, which can reduce the abnormal operating expenses by about 10000 yuan every year when the enterprise accelerates the renewal and transformation of energy-saving equipment, and maximize the return on customer investment

at the same time, the mixer adopts the design of low inclination mixing drum, the inclination is 5%-15% lower than that of similar products, and the probability of rollover is reduced by more than 72%; The "material abrasive" technology is adopted, and the average service life of the feeding and discharging device is more than 30000m ³; The operation and conversion mechanism adopts non-metallic materials, with longer service life, flexible and light operation and accurate positioning; Using the third generation T-shaped blade technology, the relative error of mortar density is at the industry advanced level, and the relative error of coarse aggregate is at the industry leading level

in terms of intellectualization, this mixer is fully integrated into the smart application app of Zoomlion "equipmentconnect", which facilitates users to push and receive key data such as vehicle intelligent scheduling and monitoring, equipment maintenance reminders, fuel consumption, etc. Equipped with on-board display screen and 360 ° safety monitoring system, reverse right turn video image assistance to ensure that there is no dead angle in driving, real-time display of mixer working state data, and ensure safe driving and control of vehicles. Equipped with intelligent three in one terminal, it can obtain the working condition data of the equipment in real time, realize the overspeed early warning, the unloading point and ultra long standby monitoring and early warning, and realize the whole process monitoring and traceability of the driving behavior of the mixer truck

cifa wet spray machine: domestic "world-class product"

this wet spray machine (css3-z1) is the first domestic "world-class product" after Zoomlion acquired CIFA in Italy, which is deeply coordinated and integrated in research and development, production and supply chain. It is the first masterpiece to open the prelude to localized production after Zoomlion international merged and purchased

in 2008, Zoomlion acquired Italian CIFA. In 2014, it began the "localized production" of Italian CIFA technology. The wet spray machine project is its first localized production project. With the joint efforts of Zoomlion's overseas and domestic R & D teams and the deep understanding of the domestic market formed by years of hard work, css3-z1 wet shotcreting machine has an extraordinary bearing once it was unveiled: it fully inherits the 'pure blood' of CSS-3 of CIFA Italy, and Hunan CIFA has improved and improved it in combination with the technical highlights of other foreign wet shotcreting machines and the actual working conditions of tunnel construction in China, It can be called a boutique that condenses the wisdom and sweat of technicians from China and Italy

cifa wet spraying machine is the only equipment in China that can use the dual power of motor and diesel engine to carry out the injection operation, so as to ensure the normal construction in case of power failure on the construction site. The world's first robot boom system with nine degrees of freedom has accurate positioning and can easily capture the tunnel Tyvek cargo transportation. The thermal insulation cover effectively protects the drug from failure due to changes in ambient temperature during transportation after it leaves the factory, without spraying dead corners. The Z-shaped folding boom can be opened in a tunnel with a height of 3.2m and a width of 2.5m. Both indicators are the first in the industry, and it can also be constructed in a particularly narrow space. High performance special chassis, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, fast moving in a narrow space. The arm seat can slide, and the one-time positioning spraying has a larger area, which makes the construction of shoulder and slope protection more advantageous. The advanced one button manipulation technology at the end of the boom and the efficient trajectory planning function of the boom greatly reduce the operation complexity of the equipment and the labor intensity of the manipulator. Intelligent track memory and teaching function make the construction operation easier to learn

this machine can be widely used in the construction equipment of mines, culverts, building foundation pit support, river slope protection and other projects. The machine uses electric energy for operation, which has the advantages of small dust, less spray rebound, protecting the working environment, saving raw materials Improve the coating quality and other significant advantages, and it is easy to operate and maintain.

according to the research and Development Engineer of Zoomlion Hunan CIFA, "From the number of css3-z1, we can see the importance of this product in the product series of Zoomlion. It integrates the wet spray machine technology of Italian CIFA, which enjoys the top reputation in the industry, and combines the actual construction conditions of Chinese tunnels. It is a product tailored for the domestic end market. Intelligence, automation, green energy saving are the main features of this product of Zoomlion. The birth of css3-z1 has given Chinese users a Cost effective, worry free choice "

Sany highlights

68 high-quality products appeared in surprise

as the largest exhibitor of the exhibition, Sany group took the theme of "digital Sany smart building the future" as the theme, and brought 68 devices to the exhibition, so that visitors can know the latest achievements of Sany at the first time

the C8 pump truck, the world pump king hbt8018c-8, the excavator that has occupied the first market share for seven consecutive years, etc. in addition to engineering machinery and equipment, Sany Heavy Truck and sany environmental protection dump truck also appeared one by one

more than 60% of the new products, and a new lineup participated in the exhibition

of the 68 equipment participating in the exhibition, 45 are new products, and sany crane and sany port machinery are new lineups, with strong R & D strength at a glance

Sany Heavy Truck, which debuted at BMW Exhibition for the first time, is well known for its strong interconnection gene, and has set a sales record of 500 units sold out in 46 seconds

live experience of "unmanned" black technology

in this exhibition, Sany uses "digital Sany to build the future", and intelligent products naturally become the focus of the exhibition

vr unmanned excavator has shown its convenience and accuracy in Hunan Satellite TV "I am the future". In this exhibition, visitors can experience the scene. Through VR glasses, the operator can command the excavator in Huzhou as if he were sitting in the excavator

XCMG highlights

highlights 1

Mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence are surging, scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform are in the ascendant, and the global economy has opened a new round of competition. The technological innovation alliance of high-end construction machinery and core parts industry, which gathers the advantageous innovation resources of the construction machinery industry, is committed to building an innovation platform facing global competition and open cooperation and an independent and controllable innovation chain of high-end equipment and core parts industry. Gather innovative forces to drive industrial upgrading

highlight 2

XCMG's 79 ingenious works were exhibited at the Shanghai BMW Exhibition for the first time. What attracted attention were the world's largest tonnage all terrain crane xca1600, "China's first excavation" 700 ton hydraulic excavator, the world's largest rotary drilling rig xr800e, as well as electric mining dump trucks, large tonnage loaders, high-power graders, large tonnage truck cranes, etc., which fully demonstrated XCMG's leading strength in innovation and moving towards the middle and high end

XCMG will also launch the industry's first multi-functional emergency rescue vehicle, the world's highest 58m high-altitude operation platform, Sino German integration V7 series concrete machinery products, as well as X1 new energy sanitation equipment, container front crane, tunnel boring machine and other new application fields

in the core parts exhibition area, a batch of approved "core" power, such as the domestic largest tonnage "four wheel and one belt" complete set of products, 10 meter long thin-wall oil cylinder, intelligent digital cylinder, AMCA hydraulic valve, MYF series electric control box, reducer that breaks the international monopoly, will be shocked and released

highlight 3

focus on the brand strategic goal of "advancing towards high-end and world-class brands". XCMG always pays attention to customer experience and gives back customer value. At the scene, XCMG will present to customers the delivery ceremony of the world's largest all terrain crane, the delivery ceremony of the world's largest rotary drilling rig, the awarding ceremony of the hydraulic cylinder of the excavator in Rio Tinto mining area exceeding 200000 hours, the grand customer award and awarding ceremony of the large tonnage loader, the "Yilu xugongqing" gold medal key customer, the star machine operator Honor Award, the "most beautiful pump worker · dream to set sail" large-scale public welfare activities A series of brand activities such as user satisfaction survey reward cashing and on-site award-winning Q & A

highlights 4

in this intelligent era in which innovation drives the development of precision and high technology, the construction machinery industry is facing more than the competition of elegant mechanical design and extreme manufacturing technology. Artificial intelligence, visual computing, automatic control, deep learning, industrial big data, neural network algorithm... These advanced concepts and the chemical reaction of construction machinery determine the future of this industry to some extent

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