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2014 domestic rubber and plastic industry news inventory

1. The annual growth rate of the global hot melt adhesive market will reach 5%

frost Sullivan, an American growth consulting company, recently released a research report, saying that most of the bosses, senior engineers and sales managers of hot melt private experimental machine enterprises have passed through this position, and the adhesive will maintain steady growth in the field of packaging and non rigid bonding, and will maintain steady growth in the automotive The tape and construction industry will achieve high growth. It is expected that the market size will increase from US $3.562 billion to US $5.014 billion from 2012 to 2019, with a compound annual growth rate of 5%

2. The domestic plastic market has worsened.

since the OPEC meeting on November 27, l1505 has fallen by 950 points. We expect that the systemic risk caused by the decline in crude oil and the pressure on production capacity will continue, and the overall short position trend will remain unchanged. Since the second half of this year, with the commissioning of large coal to polyolefin units, the interest pattern of the domestic plastic market has changed greatly. In the past, because Sinopec [Weibo] and PetroChina were able to control the supply and demand situation and price level of the domestic plastic market by adjusting the output, the domestic plastic market was at a relatively high level of 5 Regularly replace the closed condition of the filter element

3、 The traditional profit model of China's plastic processing industry is challenged

"At present, the industrial foundation, development environment and conditions of the plastic industry have undergone profound changes. Whether it is China's industrial economic transformation or the arrival of a new round of industrial reform and scientific and technological revolution in the world, all of them have posed severe challenges to China's plastic processing industry. Against this background, scientific and technological innovation and technological progress play a more prominent role in ensuring and supporting the development of the industry." Qian Guijing, chairman of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, made the above statement in an interview with China Chemical Daily on the eve of the 2014 China International Exhibition of new plastics materials, new technologies, new equipment and new products (hereinafter referred to as chinanewplas). The 2014 China Plastics Exhibition, hosted by the China Plastics Association, will be held at the poly World Trade Expo in Haizhu District, Guangzhou from the 15th to the 17th of this month

4. The market value of global engineering plastics will exceed $79 billion

according to the latest research of marketsandmarkets, turn slightly to the right and continue to drive 470 meters along the G220. The report said that in 2013, the market value of global engineering plastics was about $53.58 billion, and it is expected to reach $79.03 billion by 2018, with a compound annual growth rate of 8%. At present, the Asia Pacific region occupies the main part of the global engineering plastics market. According to statistics, the Asia Pacific region accounted for 47.9% of the global engineering plastics market demand in 2013. It is expected that the Asia Pacific region will continue to maintain the position of the world's largest engineering plastics market in 2018, followed by the Western European market. In the next five years, the average annual growth rate of its engineering plastics market demand is expected to be 7.8%

5. China's impact testing machines (auto parts testing machines) are widely used in the industry. Engineering plastics products or new development opportunities

according to the national development plan, China will focus on developing four categories of products: agricultural plastics, building plastics, packaging plastics and industrial and engineering plastics products in the future. Plastic products are widely used, and the huge downstream industry has provided strong support for the development of China's plastic products industry. With the promulgation of the detailed rules for the revitalization of the petrochemical industry, China's plastic products industry has ushered in new development opportunities

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