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Ahte2012 Shanghai industrial assembly and transmission technology exhibition (hereinafter referred to as ahte2012) will be held at Shanghai New International Exhibition Center from August 22 to 24, 2012. Ahte2012 will be the best stage for the world's leading assembly, transmission and automation suppliers to show their products and technologies. Ahte2012 features a series of latest technological developments such as assembly technology, assembly robot, conveying technology, connection technology, transmission technology, monitoring technology, testing technology, integrated system, system structure, disassembly technology and micro technology

since 2012, the German motek and ahte exhibition hosting teams have begun to cooperate. The German motek hosting team has organized foreign enterprises to participate in ahte2012. As a partner of motek2012 in China, Hengjin exhibition has also begun to organize Chinese enterprises to participate in motek2012. Germany's motek is the world's largest exhibition in the field of assembly, transmission and automation, which is held at the Stuttgart International Exhibition Center every October

ahte2012 exhibition is in full swing. At present, 122 exhibitors have been registered, an increase of 70% year-on-year. The proportion of registered foreign joint venture exhibitors accounts for 70% of the total exhibitors. It is expected that 215 companies will participate in our exhibition this year. Since the beginning of April, the organizer has organized professional buyers to visit the exhibition, adding luster to the exhibition. So far, the pre registered professional visitors from automotive, medical, electronic, semiconductor, electrical appliances, communications, packaging, machinery manufacturing and other industries have reached 4369. The organizer expects that ahte2012 professional visitors can reach 11000 person times. Compared with 2011, ahte2012 has made great progress in all aspects

wonderful activities, help the exhibition

in order to thank the majority of exhibitors and professional visitors for their appreciation of athe2in the process of test, because there will be to read and write the data acquisition card, the specific structure, such as emergency stop, tense curve drawing process, so they as a child module carefully engineered in the test procedure under t cupping experiment machine: the main part of this experiment machine includes hydraulic system Main engine, hydraulic control cabinet and microcomputer control system he main module 012 the attention and participation of the exhibition. During the exhibition, the host organization arranged many activities with different forms and distinct themes for specific groups, hoping to strengthen the contact of industry people and expand new business opportunities by creating a variety of efficient communication platforms

the following is the introduction of the activities organized by the Organizing Committee for specific groups:

te2012 -vip red wine party

time: the evening of August 21, 2012

number of people: 40

the theme of this activity is business life and elite meeting. In a private and relaxed environment, taste good wine, collide ideas, and taste life. There are 40 participants in total, all of whom are industry leaders, with one participant from each company. All participants need to apply to the Organizing Committee for approval

te2012-vip reception

time: on the evening of August 22, 2012

number: 100 people

in order to strengthen the communication between exhibitors and professional visitors, and match the communication and exchange between the upstream and downstream of the manufacturing and equipment industry chain, the organizer expects that in a relaxed and pleasant dining environment, exhibitors and professional visitors can communicate with each other, understand their needs, and explore new business opportunities

te2012 technology seminar center series meetings

time: all day from August 22 to 23, 2012

location: in the exhibition hall

the organizer specially opened an area at the exhibition site as a place for enterprise propaganda. Each speech is set at 45 minutes, and nearly 15 lectures with bright themes are held, so that professional audiences can have a deeper understanding of exhibitors, and it is also a platform for exhibitors to show the strength, new ideas and brand influence of the company

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