There are skills in assembling and disassembling t

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There are skills for tire disassembly and assembly

first, use a socket wrench to disassemble the screws. Then find a suitable iron pipe and put it on the socket wrench to increase the force arm, so that you can easily screw the nut

2. When changing the tire of the car, when all the nuts are removed, the tire still can't be removed. What should I do

first fill the tire with air, and then knock it out from the inside of the tire with a stick. In order to prevent damage to the wheel hub or the stick cannot be found, you can take the spare tire and hit the outer edge of the wheel hub. (spray device: provide water spray for special filter materials to keep the special filter materials effectively filter smoke and dust. After the tire is removed, use sandpaper to grind off the rust in the middle of the brake disc and the middle of the inner side of the tire, and then it will be easy to disassemble and assemble the tire.)

3. When the driver is a female driver and meets the problem of insufficient strength when disassembling the tire, what should he do

jack up the car and stop the operation as soon as the tire leaves the ground. In the case that the tire can't be taken down, in Cui Lixin's view, you can find a stick to stick in the inner side of the tire and force the tire out. What are the tools needed for Jinan testing machine detection? Cocky. When installing the tire, roll the spare tire to the side of the replacement tire by rolling and sprinkle some sand on the ground. Align the spare tire with the axle and screw hole, push the spare tire in, and tighten the tire bolts in turn in a diagonal manner

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