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The key points of the 2006 work plan of China Paper Association always adhere to a new image. 2006 is the first year of the national "Eleventh Five Year Plan" and an important year to deepen reform and promote redevelopment. Under the leadership of the China Association for science and technology and the China Light Industry Federation, the China papermaking society will continue to study the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC National Congress and the Fifth Plenary Session of the sixth session of the China Association for science and technology. According to the reform plan and deployment of the National Association of China Association for science and technology and the actual situation of our association, in the new year, we will mainly focus on the following aspects:

first, we will actively organize and prepare for the Sixth National Member Congress of China papermaking Association. According to the constitution, the sixth general election of our association will be completed in 2006. Under the leadership of the China Association for science and technology and the China Light Industry Federation, in accordance with the relevant documents of the Central Committee and the specific requirements of the Ministry of civil affairs and the China Association for science and technology on the work of the new term, and in strict accordance with the spirit of democracy, the Council will do a good job in the preparatory work before the new term of the Council, and smoothly realize the handover of the old and new teams

in the second quarter and the second quarter, the "eighth paper chemicals application technology seminar" will be held

the "eighth Symposium on the application technology of papermaking chemicals" was held in Henan in 2006. Invite scientific and technological personnel from domestic and foreign paper-making enterprises and paper-making chemical production enterprises to exchange and promote advanced experience on issues related to the application technology of paper-making chemicals, so as to promote the coordinated development of the paper-making industry and the paper-making chemical industry

III. actively prepare for the 13th Annual Academic Conference

according to the management of the annual academic meeting held by the academic working committee of the association, the 13th annual academic meeting will be held in 2007. In the third quarter of 2006, the solicitation of papers for the annual academic conference will be carried out. The preparatory work for this work is more and the workload is heavy, but it is also the most important academic stage for the construction and development of China's paper industry

IV. hold a series of Symposium on forest paper integration:

A Symposium on poplar planting experience is planned to be held in the second quarter. According to the specific situation of poplar planting in relevant enterprises in China, enterprises that have gained some experience in poplar planting are invited to make necessary summary and exchange of experience

training courses on water conservation and pollution control are planned to be held in the fifth and second quarters

the production water intake quota of China's paper industry has been implemented this year. In order to reduce the water consumption of China's pulp and paper enterprises to a low level as soon as possible, training courses on water conservation and sewage treatment will be held with the participation of China's key paper enterprises, and experts and scholars with theoretical level and practical experience will be invited to give lectures

VI. continue to hold the "2006tappi technical report meeting" jointly hosted by the China National Association of pulp and paper technology and the American pulp and Paper Association

VII. It is planned to hold a national secretary general meeting to study and coordinate the arrangement of academic activities of the provincial papermaking societies in 2007

VIII. Continue to compile and publish China papermaking Yearbook 2006

IX. the "China Japan papermaking technology exchange meeting" will be held in Beijing in May 2006. At present, the experts invited by China and Japan have collected the report papers at the exchange meeting, and are organizing the translation and compilation of the collection of papers

X. the "Fifth International Symposium on non wood fiber pulping and papermaking" was held in Guangzhou South China University of technology in November 2006. At present, the preparatory work has begun. At this meeting, 30 well-known experts at home and abroad were invited to serve as members of the academic committee. At present, the collection and evaluation of thesis abstracts are being carried out

Xi. Continue to carry out the collaborative activities of "thousands of factories and meetings". Actively promote advanced experience and improve the cooperation level of factories, 3, oil cylinders and pistons: their contact surfaces have been finely processed, expand the scope of "thousands of factories and thousands of meetings" and attract more enterprises to participate in this activity

colleagues said 12. Continue to strengthen the daily political learning system of the Institute's office and strengthen theoretical learning. Through learning, we should strengthen the sense of service, work hard, be brave in innovation, constantly improve our own quality and working ability, and strive to do a good job in all the work of the society

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