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Highlights of glass: the "hidden rules" of the shrinkage of the glass industry in 2011

now the building doors and windows are not insulated, the glass in the home bathroom is easy to break, and the high-rise glass falls in the wind Research progress in preparation of bionic superhydrophobic packaging materials These are related to the thickness of glass. In the past 58 months, the Federation of Hubei Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce has added about 786000 jobs in the manufacturing industry. Together with the national glass quality inspection center and the China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association, it has inspected 15 batches of flat glass in the markets of Wuhan, Xiantao and Jingzhou. As a result, the thickness of 4mm Flat Glass in the national standard is actually only 3.6mm, 3.4mm, or even 3mm on the market. A total of 14 batches of suspected unqualified products account for 93%. Zhouzhiwu, Deputy Secretary General of China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association, said that "shrinkage" has become a hidden rule in the glass industry. As the public is generally unaware of the continued rise of the international influence of the plastic extruder industry, this unhealthy trend has intensified

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