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Management, services and results should be made public, the quality and effectiveness of government affairs should be continuously improved, and energy reform and development should be promoted

first, strengthen the public interpretation and response work

(I) comprehensively promote the openness of government affairs around the construction of a government ruled by law. Take openness and transparency as the basic requirement of our work, and adhere to openness as the norm and non openness as the exception. All kinds of energy industry policies formulated by our bureau, except those that need to be kept confidential according to law, should be made public in time, so as to promote the administration according to law and the implementation of policies. Before the introduction of energy industry policies that involve public interests and major livelihood issues and need to be widely known by the society, the host department should actively use channels such as networks to widely solicit opinions, ensure public participation and ensure scientific decision-making. We will further promote the publicity of the results of handling the proposals of deputies to the National People's Congress and CPPCC members. In principle, we should publicly reply to the full text of proposals and proposals that are widely concerned by the society and have a bearing on the national economy and the people's livelihood. We will fully implement "double random and one open" supervision, and disclose comprehensive supervision and inspection law enforcement information in a timely manner through multiple channels, so as to improve the efficiency and impartiality of supervision and enhance the deterrence and credibility of supervision

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(II) strengthen active disclosure around key areas. Focus on the work of government information disclosure in key areas such as the approval and implementation of major construction projects, include the information disclosure in key areas into the basic catalogue of active disclosure, publish the information disclosure in key areas in the annual report on government information disclosure, and accept social supervision. After the introduction of the policy, the organizer should follow the principle of "who drafts, who interprets", so that the policy documents and interpretation plans, interpretation materials can be organized, reviewed and signed synchronously, and deployed synchronously. Pay attention to the use of media, especially the "orientation and tone setting" role of mainstream media and its new media. By actively providing materials to the media, holding media briefings, recommending experts and scholars familiar with the business in related fields for interviews, we should interpret policies comprehensively and accurately in a timely manner, and transmit authoritative information and policy intentions in a timely and accurate manner. For some policies with strong professionalism, the host department should pay attention to the use of objective data, vivid examples, etc., carry out visual and popular interpretation, and explain the policies clearly to avoid misunderstanding and misreading

(III) strengthen policy interpretation around stabilizing market expectations. Firmly grasp the fundamental requirements of promoting high-quality development, focus on the major deployment of deeply promoting the structural reform of the energy supply side, improving the quality and efficiency of energy development, comprehensively promoting the revolution of energy production and consumption, and building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, interpret the relevant policies and measures, implementation and work results, and win the understanding and support of the people to carry out the development of process technology and utilization technology. Focus on the interpretation of energy policies and measures related to the three key battles of prevention and resolution of major risks, precise poverty eradication, and pollution prevention. Conventional lifting belts (synthetic fiber lifting belts) pay close attention to the expected changes in the market, grasp the rhythm and intensity of policy interpretation, actively guide public opinion, and create a good environment for promoting the implementation of policies

(IV) strengthen public opinion response around major social concerns. Enhance the awareness of public opinion risk prevention and control, closely monitor and track emerging public opinion, especially government public opinion involving major energy policies, so as to achieve timely early warning, scientific research and judgment, proper disposal and effective response. Establish and improve the rapid response and coordination linkage mechanism of public opinion response, strengthen communication with the media, and improve the initiative, pertinence and effectiveness of government public opinion response. Properly respond to public opinion of emergencies, timely and accurately release authoritative information, actively guide public opinion, manage social expectations, and avoid misunderstanding. The departments involved and relevant personnel who fail to deal with major public opinions effectively, respond improperly, and report in a timely manner shall be criticized or interviewed for rectification

second, improve the effectiveness of government services

(V) promote the openness of administrative services. In accordance with the requirements of the guiding opinions of the State Council on accelerating the promotion of "Internet + government services" (GF [2016] No. 55), we should constantly innovate service methods, promote the handling of more matters, realize the cataloguing and standardization of handling materials, and make people handle affairs more clearly and conveniently. Establish and improve the acceptance, transfer and feedback mechanism of public messages and consultations, and deal with replies in time to provide better services for the masses

(VI) improve the service capacity of the entity government hall. Strengthen the construction and management of entity government hall, promote the integration of online, offline and online, coordinate service resources, unify service standards, straighten out the working mechanism, and strengthen departmental coordination. We will strengthen the protection of personnel, facilities and funds in the entity government affairs hall, strengthen the management of staff in the entity government affairs hall, strictly enforce discipline and work style, standardize service behavior, and effectively improve service efficiency and quality

(VII) optimize the service of examination and approval. Focusing on the reform of "releasing management services", the list of administrative licensing matters, the list of random inspection matters, and the guidelines for handling affairs are published in the portal station of the Bureau. In case of any change in working conditions, the relevant information and specific implementation time after the change shall be announced within 1 working day after the completion of the approval procedure. Implement the same source management of the information of the online service system and the entity government hall to ensure that the online and offline service information content is accurate and consistent, which is convenient for the masses and enterprises

III. promote the construction of government affairs publicity platform

(VIII) strengthen the construction and management of government stations. Conscientiously implement the "guidelines for the development of government stations" (GBF [2017] No. 47), further strengthen and improve the content construction of government stations, optimize the evaluation system, continue to do a good job in the regular spot check notification, and constantly improve the management and service level of government stations. Strengthen the content construction of government stations and enrich information resources. We will strictly enforce the integration process for the establishment of government stations and standardize the management of government station names and domain names. We will vigorously promote the intensification of the construction of government stations, and establish and improve systems and mechanisms such as site construction, content release, and organizational security. Improve the security guarantee mechanism of government stations, and do a good job in anti attack, anti tampering, anti-virus and other work

(IX) make good use of new government media. Give full play to the flexible and convenient advantages of new government media such as government affairs, do a good job in information release, policy interpretation and service work, further enhance the effectiveness of openness and improve the service level. According to the principle of "who opens, who manages", implement the main body, strictly check the content, and do not release information that is not directly related to government functions. If the information is released improperly and causes adverse effects, it should be rectified in time. Strengthen the daily supervision and maintenance of government new media, and shut down and integrate those with poor maintenance ability and less attention to users

(x) carry out the work of the official gazette in a standardized and orderly manner. In accordance with the requirements of the notice of the general office of the State Council on doing a good job in the work of the Official Gazette (GBF [2018] No. 22), according to the unified deployment of the general office of the State Council, conscientiously carry out the work of the official gazette, promote the construction of the official gazette database, and orderly open the official gazette data

fourth, promote the institutionalization and standardization of government affairs publicity

(XI) implement the regulations on government information disclosure. Adjust and improve relevant supporting measures in accordance with the newly revised regulations of the people's Republic of China on government information disclosure. According to the requirements of the new regulations, we should comprehensively sort out the government information that should be actively disclosed, and those that are not disclosed should go through the procedures of active disclosure in a timely manner and be made public to the public in a timely manner. We will further standardize the disclosure of information according to applications, establish and improve the receiving, registration, handling, reply and other processes, and protect the rights of citizens, legal persons and other organizations to obtain government information in accordance with the law

(XII) strengthen the review of government information disclosure. We will strengthen the review of government information before it is made public in accordance with the law and regulations to avoid problems such as dishonesty in information release and affecting social stability

(XIII) fully implement the system of actively opening the basic catalogue. Speed up the formulation and release of the active disclosure of the basic catalogue, and timely update and adjust the catalogue according to the changes in responsibilities

all dispatched energy regulatory agencies should formulate the key points of annual government affairs publicity according to these points and in combination with the actual work, earnestly implement them, and earnestly strengthen the capacity-building of government affairs publicity work since many thermoplastic plastics will not break in this test, so as to strive to improve the level of government affairs publicity work

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