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2008 memorabilia of the electrical industry

ice and snow disaster

Event: the rare ice and snow disaster in the early spring of 2008 still makes many people remember today. According to statistics, the continuous low-temperature, rain, snow and freezing weather since January 2008 has caused a large area of power transmission towers in China to be cut off, the transmission and distribution systems of 13 provinces (districts, cities) have been affected, and the power supply of 170 counties (cities) has been interrupted. The ice and snow disaster caused a total of 36740 power lines of 10kV and above, and 2016 substations of 35kV and above to shut down. Towers of 10kV and above collapsed and damaged 310321 foundations, including 110-500 kV 8381 foundations, resulting in power outages for more than 33.3 million households and about 110million people. Except for northern and Western Hunan, the 500 kV power in Hunan was basically shut down, and Chenzhou power suffered devastating damage; The 500 kV main frame of Guizhou power grid was basically paralyzed, and the west east power transmission channel was interrupted; Jiangxi and Zhejiang electric power were also seriously damaged. It has brought great harm to China's electricity, and has had a great impact on the national economy and people's lives. It also exposed the "weakness" of China's long-term electric power development, such as "heavy generation and light supply do not work", lagging behind in electric power development, weak infrastructure, and weak ability to resist natural disasters

after the snow disaster, the State Grid Corporation of China organized authoritative design and research institutions and subordinate companies such as China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation and China electric power academy to conduct in-depth investigation and analysis of the ice disaster and its causes. It carefully combed the existing line design specifications and technical regulations, carried out in-depth comparative analysis and calculation on the specific terms that need to be improved and revised, and finally revised and formed five electric design enterprise standards and one guiding opinion. Namely, the provisional technical regulations for the design of 1000 kV AC 1 stone refined through technological innovation, the technical regulations for the design of 110 ~ 750 kV overhead transmission lines, the technical regulations for the design of 66 kV and below overhead power lines, the technical regulations for the design of ± 500 kV DC overhead transmission lines, the technical regulations for the design of overhead transmission lines in medium and heavy ice areas, and the guiding opinions for the planning and design of electric differentiation. With reference to the national building structure design regulations, the 110-330 kV electrical fortification standard is increased from 15 year return period to 30 year return period, the 500 kV electrical fortification standard is increased from 30 year return period to 50 year return period, the 750 kV electrical fortification standard is 50 year return period, and the UHV Engineering fortification standard under construction is considered as 100 year return period

short comment: the biggest gain brought by the snow disaster is that China has a new fundamental strategy to prevent and control the freezing rain and snow disaster


event: at 14:28 on May 12, 2008, this moment that plunged the whole Chinese people into grief is destined to go down in history. At the same time, Dongfang Electric Group, the leading enterprise in the electrical industry, attracted the attention of the world in an instant, because in this earthquake, Dongfang Electric Group became the "most injured" central enterprise

500 employees were killed, 80% of the factory buildings collapsed, 2000 equipment was damaged, and 5 billion direct economic losses. The major disaster even touched the premier's heart. On the morning of May 13, 2008, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council visited Dongfang turbine factory to inspect the disaster and guide the disaster relief work on site

it is gratifying that Dongfang Electric Group was not overwhelmed by the disaster. One week after the earthquake, Dongfang turbine plant resumed production. Throughout 2008, Dongfang Electric Group also added more than 100billion yuan of domestic and foreign order contracts

it is understood that among the new orders of 100 billion yuan, thermal power accounts for 45%, hydropower accounts for 10%, nuclear power accounts for 22%, wind power accounts for 10%, and gas turbine accounts for 7.5%. The proportion of new energy and clean energy orders exceeds that of thermal power orders for the first time, better realizing the adjustment of product structure. Among them, high-power and high parameter supercritical thermal power units, giant hydropower equipment, million kilowatt nuclear power and wind power equipment have become leading products, and boiler flue gas desulfurization equipment and denitration catalyst have formed mass production capacity. This means that Dongfang Electric Group not only stood up from the ruins of the earthquake, but also made extraordinary development

short comment: Dongfang Electric Group's reshuffle reflects the national soul of the Chinese nation that has endured hardships and has stood firm

Green Olympics

event: in August 2008, such an unparalleled Green Olympics was held. The panel assembly industry was facing considerable market space, providing a broad market space for electrical equipment enterprises. The opportunity to provide electrical products and solutions for Olympic related facilities has become a standard to test the global strength of electrical equipment suppliers, and also a great opportunity for the world's top electrical equipment suppliers to highlight product value and enhance brand influence

according to incomplete statistics, nearly 1000 power generation, transmission and distribution, and lighting enterprises participated in the Olympic Games. More than 3000 "Water Cube" air pillows and new LED flexible lights can save tens of thousands of kilowatt hours of electricity every day. The power consumption of "bird's nest" reached 20000 kwh, and the power consumption of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games exceeded millions of kwh. In addition to North China power supply, 20% of these power loads came from non coal power. By the Guanting reservoir, 100 kilometers away from Beijing, the electric energy source generated by the wind is continuously transmitted to the "bird's nest" and "Water Cube"

in addition to wind power generation, 90% of the lawn lights and street lights in the Olympic venues are powered by solar energy. Seven venues, including the National Stadium, the National Stadium and Fengtai softball stadium, are equipped with solar and photovoltaic power generation systems, with a total installed capacity of more than 500 kW and an annual power generation capacity of more than 500000 kwh. The Beijing Olympic Games, which has adopted a large number of new technologies, new equipment and new processes, has become a model project for energy conservation and emission reduction

short comment: judging from the results, the foreign enterprises represented by General Electric Company are still better in this competition. We look forward to the next Olympic Games, Chinese electrical equipment enterprises can provide better, more energy-saving and more environmentally friendly products

dig deep into "China"

Event: at present, foreign power equipment enterprises represented by ABB, Siemens, Schneider, etc. regard China as one of their important global markets. "Localization" has also become the focus of publicity for all foreign-funded enterprises. Some enterprises even don't like the media to call them "foreign-funded enterprises". At the same time, in 2008, when the global financial crisis hit, we saw that more and more foreign-funded enterprises took advantage of the situation to strengthen their development in China

taking ABB as an example, after the global transformer design center with 55 designers settled in Chongqing on March 27, 2008, abb and sanbo group jointly invested and established a joint venture - Nanjing ABB traction converter Co., Ltd. on April 16, 2008, which is mainly engaged in the application design, manufacturing, sales and services of traction and auxiliary converters required by rail transit. Subsequently, on June 10, 2008, Beijing ABB Electric Drive System Co., Ltd. held a high-profile celebration of the expansion and completion, and built a new production line for the localized production of acs5000a frequency converter products, which will place the manufacturing of medium voltage frequency converters in China for the first time

in the second half of the year, abb took more actions. On August 22, 2008, it signed an agreement with Tianjin Binhai Huineng Investment Co., Ltd. to jointly invest in the establishment of a joint venture Tianjin ABB switchgear Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in the production, sales and engineering services of medium voltage switchgear; On October 23, 2008, Xiamen ABB switchgear Co., Ltd. and Xiamen ABB electrical control equipment Co., Ltd. officially opened the modern plant located in the information optoelectronics Park of Xiamen Torch High tech Zone, and the production capacity of the two enterprises is expected to double; On November 7, 2008, as ABB's global production base of low-voltage synchronous generators, Nanchang ABB Taihao Generator Co., Ltd., jointly established by ABB (China) Co., Ltd. and Taihao Technology Co., Ltd., was officially completed and put into operation to jointly provide customers with customized high-efficiency low-voltage synchronous generators. The above is the 1-point suggestion that StarTech universal experimental machine made to you before you bought the experimental machine

short comment: over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, multinational companies have not only brought capital, technology and management experience to domestic enterprises, but also made a lot of money in China by relying on brand, product and technology R & D advantages and localization strategies. This is of great significance for Chinese electrical equipment manufacturing enterprises that are trying to go abroad

building "Three Gorges of wind power"

Event: in February 2008, Zhang Guobao, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, published a signed article "building" Three Gorges of wind power "in the people's Republic of China, which sounded the call to build" Three Gorges of wind power ". According to the plan, China will build three ten million kilowatt wind farms in the Hexi Corridor of Gansu, the coastal areas of Northern Jiangsu and Inner Mongolia

at present, the national development and Reform Commission has determined the planning scheme, construction mode and overall progress of the ten million kW wind power base in Gansu Hexi corridor. Three million kW wind farms will be built in phase I and seven million kW wind farms will be built in phase II, and it is planned to be completed and put into operation before 2010 and 2020. At the same time, according to the latest wind power development plan in Xinjiang, two megawatt wind power bases in Dabancheng and Hami will be built in 2010, and five megawatt wind power bases will be formed in 2020, with a total installed capacity of ten million kilowatts. A dynamic resistance monitoring system is designed; In the long term, the total installed capacity is planned to reach 20million kW, forming Dabancheng ten million KW and six million kW wind power bases

at present, the country with the largest installed capacity of wind power in the world is Germany, which has exceeded 20million kW, while the installed capacity of wind power in China ranks fifth in the world. According to the current development rate, it is estimated that China's installed wind power capacity will reach 20million kW by 2010. At that time, China will become the world's largest wind power development country. The grand plan to build the "Three Gorges of wind power" has also made China the most concerned wind power market in the world

short comment: the grand plan to build the "Three Gorges of wind power" has attracted global attention, but in the face of the unprecedented huge wind power installation plan, the government, power companies, owners, and manufacturing enterprises need to face the same problems

photovoltaic "winter"

Event: although it has called for the launch of the domestic photovoltaic market for many years, there has been no substantive progress to date. However, the speed at which photovoltaic enterprises create wealth is not affected at all

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