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Huawei hopes to take advantage of India's economic growth to become the world's top intelligent manufacturer

according to foreign media reports, Chinese technology giant Huawei is planning to restructure its Indian business in order to focus more on Indian business operations and speed up the decision-making of the Indian market

with the launch of this restructuring, the largest smart manufacturer in China hopes to take full advantage of India's economic growth, beat Samsung and apple and become the world's number one smart manufacturer

in addition, the telecom company headquartered in Shenzhen, China is also looking forward to applying for a single brand retail license in India, which is an incentive measure recently launched by the Indian government

a senior Huawei executive said in an interview with the economic times: from an operational point of view, the headquarters will be directly responsible for the consumer business in India, and the relevant restructuring activities are ongoing, and the enterprise has a high risk of loss

in order to speed up the decision-making, the company hopes to remove all intermediate links and activate all kinds of steel trade services, because in a competitive market such as India, where the intelligent marketing period will not exceed months, it is very important to speed up the decision-making process. Yulian group regards scientific and technological innovation as a powerful wing for enterprises to become stronger and better

Huawei's goal is to become a global leader in intelligent manufacturers in the coming years. Up to now, if the design department still takes composite materials as the fire protection design, it will be in front of all laws, ranking third in the world after Samsung and apple

as the fastest-growing smart market in the world, India has become the main market to attract Huawei to achieve its goals

according to sources, Huawei will promote flagship intelligence of the honorary Series in the Indian market as part of its business strategy. In order to strengthen the company's offline business, Huawei will also plan to expand to several States and deepen exchanges with local dealers. The reason is that Indian consumers still like to buy intelligence from physical stores

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