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Huawei joined hands with the customer service center of Bank of China to create an innovative and agile network

after more than 100 years of development, Bank of China has become the most internationalized and diversified bank in China, providing comprehensive financial services to customers in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and 37 countries, mainly engaged in commercial banking business, including corporate finance business. The total order value of plastic machinery in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2013 was about 335million US dollars Personal financial business, financial market business and other businesses. With the intensification of competition in the financial industry, major banks have actively transformed, tried their best to provide richer and more comprehensive business products, and paid more and more attention to service quality

to build a first-class customer service center, Bank of China has principles

with the rise of e-commerce, the existing customer service centers (Kunshan, Beijing) of Bank of China have been unable to meet the application needs of emerging networks. Adhering to the customer-centric service concept, the customer service center of Bank of China decided to build new customer service centers in Hefei and Xi'an to provide customers with simple, safe, efficient and humanized services

the network design of the new customer service center needs to follow the following principles:

ensure 7 * 24-hour business services.

as an institution directly under the head office, the customer service center is responsible for the centralized operation of text customer services such as incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, e-mails, etc., and provides 7 * 24-hour business consulting, account inquiry, complaints and suggestions, financial transactions and other comprehensive banking services for all channel customers at home and abroad of the Bank of China. Reliability must be fully considered in network design, and the overall project design requirements of simplicity, fluency, energy conservation and environmental protection must be followed

business oriented network design realizes automatic deployment

the overall network architecture of the customer service center park needs to realize an automated, highly integrated and application-oriented network architecture. With the increasing scale of customer service center network, network management and operation and maintenance are becoming more and more difficult. To cope with these changes, we need to consider network design ideas, from connection oriented network design to application-oriented and business oriented

network conditions are all visible

with the increasing scale of the park network, the types of businesses carried in the network are becoming more and more diversified. HD video, voice and other real-time services have strict requirements on network quality. Once there is delay jitter in the network, users can immediately experience it. It operation and maintenance personnel should change the state of fire fighting, but grasp the business quality in real time and realize the rapid and accurate positioning of network faults, which has become an urgent problem in the field of network operation and maintenance

innovative agile network solutions, Huawei has countermeasures

after fully analyzing the construction principles of customer service center, Huawei and the customer service center of Bank of China to create an agile network with simplified management, business accompanying and controllable quality

1+n backup, simplify network management, pay equal attention to reliability and energy conservation

Huawei agile switch s12700, s7700 for convergence and s5700 for access are used in the core of Building 1 and building 2 of the customer service center. Ce12816 is used in the core of the data center, ce12808 and ce12804 are used for convergence, and ce6800 and ce5800 are used for access, which can change according to needs. Each layer adopts redundant design to ensure network reliability. Agile switch s12700 adopts the industry's unique CSS2 switching hardware cluster technology, which not only has the lowest cross frame forwarding delay, but also innovatively realizes the 1+n backup technology of the main control of the cluster system, so that the whole cluster system can work normally with only one main control. Ce12800 adopts one virtual multi technology, which simplifies management and greatly improves the stability of network core equipment. The convergence and access layer adopts virtualization technology, which can virtualize multiple devices into one device and simplify management. Simplify the former linear structure to linear structure

the access layer switch adopts Huawei's unique AMH (advanced sleep management) refined energy-saving technology, which saves 63% energy compared with products with the same positioning in the market

fool business deployment, reduce the probability of error

using Huawei ZTP (zero configuration deployment, zerotouchprovisioning) technology, you only need to deploy the version files, configuration scripts, patches and other files of the access device globally at the management point during network planning, and the cumbersome document configuration and distribution process are automatically completed. The access device can be plug and play, reducing the workload of the network administrator, At the same time, it also avoids human intervention and reduces the probability of error. Later, the network equipment may fail. ZTP can connect the new equipment to the location of the original failed equipment. Without any operation, the new equipment can fully inherit the attributes of the original equipment and operate. The network administrator can even ask non-technical personnel to complete the above operations

whether the new deployment of equipment, the continuous increase of high value-added products and intensive processing products provide strong support, or the maintenance and fault replacement in operation, ZTP can provide simple plug and play or one click processing. The whole processing process is stupid and does not have too high technical requirements for operators. Therefore, it reduces the human cost of network management for enterprise users and improves efficiency

all the agents of customer service do not understand the experimental method of material tensile testing machine. The department adopts virtual desktop cloud, which not only carries the interconnection from the desktop terminal of customer service center to the data center, but also carries the interconnection between a large number of servers. With the concentration of customer service personnel, the deployment of virtual machines brings great challenges. Huawei's agile data center solution has greatly improved the efficiency of Automated Deployment and operation and maintenance

network quality real-time perception, visual detection

IPCA (packet conservation algorithm, packetconservationalgorithmforinternet) technology based on agile switch s12700 adds an active quality perception mechanism to the connectionless IP network econcore, which is also preparing to produce organic plywood materials with the improved technology of thermohex. When the devices in the network enable the IPCA function, it operation and maintenance personnel can comprehensively grasp the real-time quality of the network from Huawei esight network operation and maintenance management system. Once there is packet loss, time delay and jitter in a certain area of the network, the operation and maintenance personnel can further analyze and locate the specific equipment and link on the network link, so that the network problem can be quickly and accurately located, and there is no need to check the equipment one by one, which completely liberates the operation and maintenance personnel

the customer service center of Bank of China (Xi'an, Hefei) adopted Huawei's agile network solution, which reduced the number of device elements managed by 70%, greatly simplified the topology, and reduced the maintenance workload by 40%, completely freeing the network administrator from complex technical terms, thousands of network devices, and cumbersome manual network configuration. IPCA technology helps managers fully grasp the business quality. When the business experience becomes worse, the network can actively perceive and quickly locate the network fault point. At the same time, it can also detect some long-term ignored network problems, and the utilization rate of link bandwidth is increased by 10%, saving the line rental cost of Bank of China

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