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Huawei joined hands with Zhejiang Radio and television group to build the park network of Xiangshan film and television base

it's a pleasant weekend again. Turn on the TV, nest on the sofa, eat snacks, feel sad and happy with the characters in the play, cry and laugh, and the weekend of the house girl may be spent like this

speaking of TV dramas, boys who love martial arts have a great Xia dream in their hearts, and girls who love romance have a palace fight drama hidden in their hearts. For people, ancient costume TV dramas such as Shendiao Xialv, Xianjian Qixia Zhuan, Langya bang and Mi Yue Zhuan almost satisfy all the fantasies about Wuxia, Xianxia and gongdou Opera: Antique costumes, beautiful scenery and heart wrenching plot

it is concluded that although they are different types of TV dramas, they are all shot in one place! This booming place is called Zhejiang Radio and television Xiangshan film and television city

Zhejiang Radio and television Xiangshan film and television city is located in Datang port ecotourism area, Xiangshan County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. With Lingyan mountain as the background, it combines local natural landscapes such as mountains, rocks, caves, water, forests, and integrates film and television culture with tourism and leisure. In 2006, it was rated as one of the top ten film and television bases in China. On November 7, 2012, it was rated as a national AAAA tourist attraction. Many famous film and television dramas, including the legend of the divine eagle heroes, the legend of the fairy sword, Langya bang and the legend of MI Yue, were filmed here

the newly-built 1000 mu Zhejiang Radio and television Xiangshan film and television base is the third phase project of Zhejiang Radio and television Xiangshan film and television city. From the beginning of its establishment, it has determined the direction of film and television shooting and diversified business operation, integrating film and television shooting and leisure tourism. It will be composed of film and Television Cultural Park, film and television shooting and high-tech special effects studios, theme hotels, catering leisure and entertainment, large panoramic performance shows, high-tech film and television experience areas, etc. The film and television base covers many business operations, such as film and television shooting and production, crew office, scenic spots, amusement parks, hotels, etc., and requires advanced Park networks for information-based business support. As a high-density integrated network of users, the film and television Park gathers a large number of terminals and users in a limited space and operates a variety of businesses at the same time. Therefore, the network is divided into four isolated networks: ticket operation, office, monitoring and digital broadcasting

after all, to support the shooting of so many film and television dramas, we can't lag behind! However, with the gradual increase of business system demand, the construction of Zhejiang Radio and television Xiangshan film and television base network began to face the following challenges:

1 Comprehensive business efficiently carries the complex types of business in the film and television base, including film and television shooting business operation, tourist boarding, ticket sales inspection, daily office, digital television, integrated security, digital broadcasting and other different businesses. These different services require the network bearer to have the integration bearing capacity, and can carry wired, wireless, video conference, IP voice, IP monitoring, etc

2. Anytime, anywhere access

whether tourists or the crew work temporarily on site, the demand for network is to change from the traditional wired local area to ubiquitous business carrying. In popular terms, anyone can access the network at any time and place through any terminal device

3. Safe and stable business guarantee

film and television drama transmission and ticket trading are core businesses. To achieve stable and efficient business, secure isolation, and the proposed data center are required to support the characteristics of the data center, and meet the high requirements of virtual machine business migration, data disaster recovery and backup. At the same time, it should also have the characteristics of simple operation and maintenance to reduce the pressure of operation and maintenance personnel

4. Future oriented value-added experience

as a new network of tourist attractions, bringing new experiences to tourists is the key goal of the construction of scenic spots network. The use experience of traditional network, which everyone knows, is difficult to meet

in view of the network demand pain points of Zhejiang Radio and television Xiangshan film and television base, Huawei proposes four integrated network solutions, including: agile integrated network, agile reliable network, agile safe network, agile easy maintenance network

agile integration network

according to the business needs, the network of Zhejiang Radio and television Xiangshan film and television base is divided into operation, office, property monitoring and IP broadcasting. Considering the different security levels of businesses, avoiding the interaction between different businesses, and the strict internal and external isolation requirements, this park adopts the four logic isolation architecture for design. The core deploys two sets of Huawei data center switches ce12808s, one virtual and one virtual group, one virtual and many to realize the isolation of four sub services, as well as the isolation of data center services, and supports the deployment of vxlan features. The four subsystems deployed the shuanghuiju Huawei agile switch s7706 set group, deployed vertical virtualization, and simplified operation and maintenance

agile and reliable network

network core of Zhejiang Radio and television Xiangshan film and television base I. open loop control and convergence switch adopts the industry's only switching hardware cluster CSS2 technology. In the traditional service port cluster system, each frame must have at least one master control unit, which monitors the operation state of the frame by calculating the maximum zigzag stress at the cross-section of the load it bears. It is a structure in which the control surface and the monitoring surface are integrated. Therefore, when all the master control units are unplugged or fail, the frame will stop power supply. CSS2 switching hardware cluster system innovatively realizes 1+n backup of cluster master control, that is, as long as one master control unit of the whole cluster system can work normally, other master control units are used as backup

innovate master 1+n backup, directly exchange and forward control and data messages between devices, and the advanced architecture design ensures that the cluster system will not split in case of all single frame master failures, so as to realize single master cluster. Ensure that the core convergence layer of the park is highly reliable

agile security network

the park network is borderless. With the update of hacker technology, every terminal in the park may become a threat source due to infection with viruses and Trojans. Considering the performance and cost, the park will not deploy a large number of security devices, and with the improvement of hacker technology, many threats have been difficult to deal with by relying on a single device to detect and defend. Cooperate with usg6650 firewall and asg2800 to build a secure film and television base, deploy Huawei unified management and agile controller to build smart tourism. In response to these risks, Huawei has designed and deployed a fully secure cooperative defense scheme for Zhejiang Radio and television Xiangshan film and television base, and network security has moved from single point protection to full protection

agile easy access

Huawei designed agile controller as the unified strategy control center of the base. Flexible dynamic authorization strategy, full life cycle visitor management and intelligent terminal non perceptual authentication bring visitors a high-quality online experience

wireless access in public places supports third-party account (such as) authentication access and QR code authentication access. Location based information push: after tourists access the network, they push scenic spot information advertisements. Carry SSID and apmac in the portal redirection message to push the information of scenic spots associated with this AP

at the same time, esight management is deployed to provide an integrated park management scheme, a meta manager, and a high simulation panel of the device can be viewed. Topology centered management meets the demands of daily monitoring, and rich graphical reports provide the basis for network optimization. Intelligent SLA network quality evaluation to ensure network quality. Realize the integrated network, cable and wireless management of the film and television base, visualize the flow quality, and improve the operation and maintenance efficiency

value added function

as a tourism base, Zhejiang Radio and television Xiangshan film and television base receives a large number of new and old tourists. Huawei combines esight tube and WLAN wireless positioning function, correlates big data analysis, and cooperates with Huawei's agile network to create value-added solutions for smart tourism, adding to the beauty of the film and television base

navigation: reverse vehicle search to solve the difficulty of vehicle search

tour guide: Based on location-based data analysis, the management center collects terminal distribution data, pushes tour tips to customers, and guides the diversion of passenger flow

shopping guide: store navigation in film and television base to improve shopping efficiency

I'm also very excited to think that one day I may have the opportunity to enjoy a smart travel service and visit my favorite TV series

today, with the increasing emphasis on Tourism differentiated experience, with the smart tourism solution, Huawei agile network can bring more, more valuable and better experiences to customers and tourists (especially those who dream of visiting the scene of TV series like this). We are looking forward to the obvious progress of various functions of Huawei agile park network, which can create more successful applications of Zhejiang Radio and television Xiangshan film and television base network, which will not only benefit the commercial network of subsequent scenic spots, but also a great benefit to the majority of people

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