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Huawei launched the industry's highest density xDSL board

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Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., which has been in the leading position in the global telecommunications solutions, announced the launch of two industry's highest density xDSL boards on the occasion of today's "World Telecommunications Day" - 48 channel combo smart storm board leading intelligent equipment and 64 channel VDSL2 board. The introduction of these two boards will provide strong technical support for the upgrading of copper access systems of telecom operators in various countries and the construction of efficient and green networks

at present, the access mode of the last kilometer of the network of telecom operators around the world is still copper wire access. Reducing the engineering construction and maintenance costs of this part of the system and reducing the power consumption of equipment are very important to reduce the operation investment of operators

the combo board released by Huawei this time integrates the three functions of adsl2+, voice and separator, which can significantly reduce the area of the equipment room, simplify the copper wiring project, and reduce the overall power consumption of the equipment. While providing broadband access, it also upgrades the traditional TDM (time division multiplexing) voice system to a VoIP system for the future. The introduction of combo board has greatly improved the integration of equipment in recent years, and also reduced the occupation of computer room area of related equipment by more than 30%

it is reported that when ADSL, which is widely used now, cannot meet the bandwidth requirements of the rapid development of services, VDSL2 can provide a bandwidth of more than 50m and use the existing copper network to meet the needs of high bandwidth video services. The 64 channel high-density and energy-saving VDSL2 board launched by Huawei this time supports the internal and external separators to meet the needs of different customers and accelerate the deployment of VDSL2. The 64 channel VDSL2 board (especially the board with Built-in Separator) greatly improves the integration of the equipment and can reduce the occupation of the machine room area by at least 50%

in addition, these two boards have built-in melt line test function, which can carry out rapid fault determination of the line, so as to achieve comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development of the booth, reduce investment in independent test equipment and reduce operation and maintenance costs

as a leader in the era of IP and optical access, Huawei s "inglefan solution has served more than one-third of the world's broadband users, providing users with ultra broadband access services and enriching people's communication and life

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