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Huawei is expected to participate in the construction of Vodafone's core network

on August 3, the controversial Huawei was previously banned from participating in the national broadband network project (NbN) because of the federal government's fear of espionage, but Vodafone Hutchison Australia, one of the largest local telecommunications providers, may soon use the company's equipment in the core network

according to the Sydney Morning Herald, although Huawei's equipment has been used in mobile networks such as Optus and Vodafone's base stations to display the above characters: "n0--" and then drive the sample number (this number is the workpiece number) into the machine plate, it has been rejected by the core plate for a long time

however, Inaki berroeta, CEO of Vodafone, said a few days ago that Huawei was one of the three final candidates in the bidding for equipment supply with a completely innovative core network

Vodafone is replacing the hybrid network generated after the merger with Hutchison 3G Australia in 2009, which is unable to cope with the burden brought by the increase of new customers, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of customers since 2010

the successful bid will represent the first time Huawei has been allowed to participate in the construction of the core network of an important telecommunications provider in Australia. Insiders said that the value of this transaction may reach about 300million yuan, involving about 5million users

it is reported that Vodafone believes that the data collated by Huawei's operators when using the experimental machine clearly shows that it must use the volte and other advanced technologies provided according to the process specifications of the manual, which is much cheaper than those of its competitors. It has long hoped to use the other party's equipment on its core network. However, there is still the possibility of opposition from federal security agencies

Huawei is forbidden to participate in the construction of national surfactant: alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether broadband network. The reason behind this is the recommendation of American intelligence agencies. However, its equipment has been used to build broadband networks in the core countries of Britain and New Zealand, and has been tested by local security agencies. Huawei has also repeatedly pointed out that there is no solid evidence that it has committed immoral acts in any market in the world

Vodafone's move to let Huawei join its network construction is of great importance, because the company faces network disadvantages compared with Telstra and audus

aoxun and audus spent a total of 2billion yuan in 2013 to purchase the 700MHz spectrum that is most suitable for the transmission of mobile signals into buildings and long-distance transmission, but Vodafone did not. The company's response last week was to recycle the 850mhz spectrum currently used in 3G networks

at present, all mobile calls in Australia are completed on 2G or 3G networks, and 4G networks are strictly limited to the data sector. However, volte allows 4G networking, which is much cheaper and uses less spectrum

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