Application and advantages of Tianjin hot dip plas

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Application and advantages of Tianjin hot-dip plastic steel pipe cable threading pipe

application scope of hot-dip plastic power threading pipe: hot-dip plastic power threading pipe is mainly suitable for telecommunications cable threading protection, power engineering cable threading protection, transportation and communication cable threading protection, petroleum, chemical industry, urban construction stiffness measurement is static stiffness measurement and other fields. Internal and external plastic coated steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe that can effectively make semi-finished products further processed on the injection molding machine. Both internal and external plastic coated steel pipes have better corrosion resistance and longer service life. The common pipes in the early market mainly include steel pipes and plastic pipes. Although ordinary steel pipes have high strength, they are easy to rust, and are easy to be polluted, so their service life will be relatively short; Although plastic pipes have good corrosion resistance and strong finish, they are prone to deformation due to the influence of temperature, and are relatively fragile and easy to crack. The emergence of plastic coated steel pipes can well integrate the advantages of the two, and can solve the use defects of the two. Plastic coated pipe is a kind of pipe developed on the basis of traditional metal pipe. It will be more superior to the original pipe in stiffness and strength, and the price will be more reasonable. On the whole, it will be more economical than the previous pipe. The materials used will be more stable in both physical properties and chemical reactions, so their corrosion resistance and weather resistance will be better than steel pipes, which can be used in various harsh environments

characteristics of plastic coated steel pipe for power cable threading:

(1): high pressure bearing and excellent mechanical properties of steel pipe. Youcheng plastic coated composite steel pipe continues the advantages of steel pipe, with high mechanical strength, strong resistance to impact, bending and other external effects, can withstand harsh service conditions, and high safety

(2): the chemical corrosion resistance is outstanding, and the system is integrated. It is used to measure the deformation produced by the sample in the experimental process. The anti-corrosion effect is good. Youcheng plastic coated composite steel pipe has the dual advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe. The plastic coating has strong acid and alkali resistance, soil corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and is suitable for transporting sulfur, calcium, magnesium and other corrosive media in underground coal mines. The products can be coated with flanges, and various pipe fittings such as tees and elbows are plastic coated inside and outside to ensure the anti-corrosion effect of the overall pipeline, and the service life can be several times that of ordinary steel pipes

(3): the coating has strong adhesion. Youcheng plastic coated composite steel pipe adopts the physical advanced treatment process. The pretreatment meets the Sa2.5 standard, and the anchor depth is between 50-65; Graft modified antistatic powder coating or polar groups are selected, and microcomputer full-automatic preheating control and automatic production are adopted. At present, the company has stable customer resources, reasonable technology and advanced equipment to ensure the coating quality, and its adhesion is significantly higher than the national standard

(4): no nodulation, no scaling, low fluid resistance. Youcheng brand plastic coated composite steel pipe has a dense internal surface coating, which is self-lubricating, no nodulation, scaling, and the friction coefficient and roughness coefficient are smaller than ordinary steel pipes. The flow capacity of the same pipe diameter can be increased by 15-30%, saving 15% of the transmission power. It is a product with high economic, environmental protection and cost performance

(5): flame retardant and antistatic. The product adopts a special mining polyethylene powder coating. Its antistatic and flame retardant components are evenly distributed on the surface and inner layer of the pipe, which meets the requirements of mt181 and is suitable for flammable and explosive specific places under the mine

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