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Huawei smart cloud 3-level scenario solutions have been newly upgraded to enable the digital transformation of the industry

on March 25, 2021, at the 2021 Huawei digital transformation conference focusing on the three major fields of cutting-edge new materials, key strategic materials and advanced basic materials, the three-level scenario solutions of Huawei smart cloud, cloudcampus cloud park network, cloudfabric hyperintegrated data center network and cloudwan cloud backbone network, have been newly upgraded to 3.0, And work with industry partners to create industry scenario solutions, help enterprises upgrade intellectually, and enable the digital transformation of the industry

according to Huawei《 GIV@2025 》It is predicted that by 2025, the number of global connections will reach 100billion, the application rate of enterprise cloud will reach 85%, and the fast connection network will connect all corners of the physical world. As the most important part of the digital transformation of enterprises, how to ensure the cloud experience of enterprises, how to carry and deploy business quickly, and how to actively perceive business changes and timely predict network hidden dangers will become the challenges faced by enterprise networks in the future

Huawei is committed to working with global partners in the field of IP networks to create intelligent cloud solutions and help the industry digitalize. We believe that the upgrading of cloud park network, super integrated data center network and cloud backbone network will provide a steady stream of surging digital momentum for the digital transformation of the industry

Hu Kewen, President of Huawei data communication product line

01cloudcampus 3.0 cloud park network solution

Huawei cloudcampus 3.0 cloud park network solution brings enterprises 100Mbps all wireless experience everywhere, a global park with sd-wan rapid interconnection, SDN driven all cloud management, and full intelligent operation and maintenance for users and applications, combined with Huawei's newly launched airengine Wi Fi 6 Cloudengine s multi rate switch, Wi Fi 6 CPE, netengine ar8000 and other new products help enterprises activate organizational innovation, give play to data value, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, and ensure stable and reliable business in the cloud era

02cloudfabric 3.0 ultra converged data center network solution

Huawei cloudfabric 3.0 ultra converged data center network solution is the first in the industry to achieve L3 autopilot network capability and make the piston return to the end; The TTM of the whole life cycle of the network is reduced by 90%, and the full intelligent operation and maintenance is actively predicted by 90%. The computing and storage network with zero packet loss is built based on the full Ethernet architecture, which helps to release 100% of the computing power and inject new momentum into the intelligent upgrading of the enterprise

03cloudwan 3.0 cloud backbone network solution

Huawei cloudwan 3.0 cloud backbone network solution is oriented to the two major scenarios of Enterprise Cloud and production network IP. With the capabilities of one jump into the cloud, one fiber multi-purpose, one key navigation, one access, and one security, it enables business minute deployment, full business one integrated load-bearing, traffic intelligent optimization, load balancing, intelligent operation and maintenance, and end-to-end integrated security, Help customers build intelligent wide area networks for the future and accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises

Huawei's intelligent cloud has been widely used in government, finance, transportation, energy and other industries. At this conference, Huawei focused on scenario solutions such as smart customs network, smart campus of colleges and universities, smart airport integrated network, smart finance network, smart power transmission and transformation IP communication, oil and gas Office Park

Huawei Zhijian customs network solution meets the needs of digital transformation of customs with its intelligent ultra wide, capable of completing a variety of mechanical property experiments of plywood, particleboard, medium density fiberboard and other plates, intelligent connection, intelligent operation and maintenance capabilities, and helps users build a new base of smart customs, making cross-border trade safer and more convenient

in the education industry, Huawei smart campus solutions for colleges and universities is committed to building a smart campus composed of cutting-edge digital infrastructure and network security solutions to help schools provide better education

in the power industry, Huawei Zhijian power transmission and transformation IP communication solution provides power customers with a deterministic network experience by using black technologies such as flexe slicing, ultra wide all Ethernet, and intelligent control, effectively promoting the transformation of electrical digitalization and accelerating the era of energy interconnection

at present, Huawei intelligent cloud has broken through the bottleneck of industrialized preparation and served more than 12000 customers in more than 140 countries and regions around the world. Facing the future, Huawei will work with its partners to enable business innovation, empower thousands of industries, and create a base for industry digital transformation

Huawei held the 2021 Huawei industry digital transformation Conference on March. The conference discussed how to tap the strength of resilience and innovation into the digital world from the three dimensions of business, technology and ecology. Here are thoughts on the digital transformation of the industry, business strategies and talent ecological strategies that support digital transformation, practices in government, transportation, finance, energy and other industries, as well as the latest progress in connection, cloud, AI and other fields

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