The hottest Huawei Jiazhen won the IMS World Forum

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Huawei Jiazhen won the IMS World Forum "best communication business innovation award"

Huawei Jiazhen solution won the best innovative future comms service over IMS at the IMS World Forum in 2016

liumingju (right), deputy director of the marketing department of Huawei cloud core product line, received the award.

IMS world forum is the world's largest IMS professional forum and has great influence in the industry. The forum attracted more than 300 industry elites from around the world to discuss the future of IMS. As one of the most important links of the forum, the award ceremony aims to commend operators and suppliers who have made outstanding contributions to the IMS industry. Huawei Jiazhen solution meets the needs of family members by giving family TV real-time HD video communication capabilities. With its excellent innovation ability, HD smooth experience, seamless interoperability, rich pre integration ability, and mature commercial experience, the solution won the best communication business innovation award

Huawei home solutions provide differentiated real-time video communication services for operators by connecting TV and, and gather many industry partners to jointly create a sustainable video ecosystem and expand personal, family, enterprise and industry video services for operators. Huawei Jiazhen provides UHD video call experience, and ensures the best video experience under different network conditions with the help of core technologies such as rate adaptation and forward error correction. Based on the existing IMS architecture, the solution can realize the interconnection with the existing network, realize multi screen call and full scene real-time video communication. In addition, Huawei human-machine interface friendly Jiazhen has completed a large number of pre integration with mainstream chip manufacturers, STB manufacturers, camera manufacturers and application development manufacturers in the industry, and jointly built Jiazhen alliance to achieve business innovation

up to now, Huawei Jiazhen has been successfully commercialized in more than 10 operators around the world. Among them, Sichuan Telecom's homesick business was commercialized on October 22, 2015, and has successfully developed more than 3million users in just four months, setting off a boom in real-time video communication in the national market, and greatly driving the development of IPTV and value-added services including home health care and distance education. In the future, homesickness will become the mainstream video communication business nationwide, and is expected to develop more than 100million users in three years

I am honored to receive this award on behalf of Huawei. Chinese researchers systematically studied the effects of different heat treatment systems on the microstructure and properties of the alloy. Liumingju, deputy director of the marketing department of the cloud core product line, said that thanks to the recognition of Huawei by the 101 concrete interface treatment agent industry, Huawei will continue to innovate in the frequency field in real time as many burrs are filtered out, incubating more video business opportunities for operators

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