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Application analysis of new plastic wood composites in glass packaging

1 current situation of flat glass packaging

wooden case packaging is the most traditional packaging method of flat glass. In the sales market of flat glass, about 80% of the use of wooden case packaging (including export glass packaging). Although wooden cases have been improved many times, they still have the disadvantages of low strength, poor stability, many auxiliary materials and high cost. In addition, many factors such as insect pests have hindered the export of glass due to poor packaging. The biggest drawback of wood packaging is the damage to HP's Jet fusion 3D printer of forest resources. China's wood resources are very scarce. In recent years, the voice of protecting forest resources and protecting the ecological environment has become higher and higher. As a large glass producing country, China has more than 100 float glass production lines, producing about 45000 tons of glass per day (subject to 2004). Based on 45 heavy boxes of glass per box, 20000 packaging boxes are required per day, and 0.15 m3 of plates are required for each packaging box. Therefore, 3000 m3 of plates are consumed per day for single glass packaging, and at least 6000 m3 of logs are required to process these plates, which is equivalent to 22222 trees. This means that about 400 mu of forest will be turned into wasteland every day in the country in terms of separate glass packaging, which is a shocking waste of forest resources. This situation has also led to the soaring price of wood and the increase in the cost of glass packaging boxes. Therefore, the prospect of wood packaging is not optimistic. {todayhot}

containerized transportation is another transportation method for the turnover of flat glass, which is also widely used by some manufacturers. However, the iron container frame not only uses a large amount of steel, but also has high manufacturing costs. In addition, the transportation and air return costs are large when in use. Long distance and export transportation are limited, and the operation is relatively difficult. As a result, the current container rack packaging accounts for less than 20% of the total market

in this glass packaging situation, the development of new wood substitute glass packaging boxes is the general trend, and it is also a major event in our glass industry in recent years. In recent years, the rise of plastic wood composites at home and abroad, in line with the needs of the market, has gradually emerged in the packaging industry

2 current situation of plastic wood composites

the technology of traditional plastic wood composites mostly comes from the digestion and absorption of foreign technical information. Although some achievements have been made, it is still far from industrial application. However, some small domestic production enterprises only see the prospect of replacing wood with plastic, but ignore the processing equipment, technology and other issues, and the product quality is not up to standard. Because of its brittleness and shock resistance, it has not been promoted in the market

3 development of new plastic wood composites

since 2003, our company has been committed to the research and development of new glass packaging boxes. At present, we have successfully developed a new type of plastic wood composites. Using wood flour and recycled plastic as the main raw materials, a reinforced plastic wood composite was developed through mixing, processing and molding, and applied for a national patent. Compared with other domestic plastic wood composites, our new plastic wood composites have greatly improved their bending and extrusion strength and excellent mechanical properties because of the new formula and process. And its water absorption is very small, the appearance decoration effect is better, and the molding and processing is easy. From the perspective of environmental protection, because its main raw materials are recycled plastics and crop straw, it not only saves wood, but also reduces white pollution. It is a new type of environment-friendly material

first of all, we have further improved the properties of current plastic wood composites. On the basis of the traditional formula, after many and repeated tests, the professional technical team of tianji'nan experimental machine factory produces the experimental machine strictly according to the requirements, adding different additives to enhance the strength of the material, and finally make the technical indicators of this new plastic wood material reach the leading level in the export growth of China's extruder products. And this kind of plastic wood composite material has the dual properties of wood and plastic. It has the characteristics of sawing, nailing, bonding, painting and good cushioning effect of wood. At the same time, it also has the advantages of plastic insect prevention, corrosion prevention, small water absorption, not easy to deform, not cracking, good mechanical properties, hardness, toughness, wear resistance, dimensional stability and so on

in addition, in terms of equipment improvement, due to the immature domestic plastic wood technology, the manufacturing of equipment is also in its infancy, and many equipment are not very practical. For example, most manufacturers use twin-screw extruders no matter what raw materials are used. The equipment investment is large, which is wasteful and unscientific. Our company resolutely adopts single screw extruders for the raw materials used, which is both economical and practical, and effectively improves the product quality

in terms of production technology, we have successfully learned from the process technology of producing rubber cables, and add ribs between extruded plastic wood profiles, which effectively improves the shortcomings of high brittleness and non impact resistance of plastic wood products at home and abroad, greatly increases the tensile, compressive strength and bending strength of products, and fully meets the requirements of glass packaging for material strength. Finally, we have made a reasonable design for the structure of the glass packaging box made of this material. Through a large number of investigations and studies on various glass packaging boxes at home and abroad, and fully drawing on the design ideas of various wooden glass packaging boxes made by domestic and foreign peers, we have finally determined an ideal design scheme after many domestic and foreign tests. This new type of plastic wood glass packing box is very convenient to operate, and there is no need to seal the box with iron nails, and there is no need to pack it to increase the safety of hoisting, storage and transportation, saving time, labor and cost

4 conclusion

the new plastic wood glass packaging box has solved the major problems that need to be solved urgently in the glass packaging industry for many years. It may appear in 1210, reducing the cost, and eliminating a series of cumbersome procedures such as opening the cover, packing, closing the cover, nailing, steel belt and so on. It is easy to operate, and also eliminates this part of labor costs; It is energy-saving, environmental friendly, safe and reliable, and can be free from fumigation. It is light and safe to use, and the cost of transportation and air return is low. Of course, in the process of use, new plastic wood packaging will also have new problems. The most obvious is the operation mode of new plastic wood packaging, wood packaging and other packaging, which brings some discomfort to manufacturers and users, but these problems will disappear with the increasingly skilled operation. We believe that with the gradual promotion of new plastic wood packaging boxes, a new packaging revolution will come

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