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Use and application range of three screw pump

use and application range of three screw pump:

it can be used in heating equipment, but the actual number of cavities used depends on the production rate of the project pump and transfer pump

used as delivery and refueling pump in oil transportation system

can be used as hydraulic pump, lubrication pump and remote control motor pump in mechanical industry

it can be used as a liquid supply pump in the chemical, petrochemical and food industries

at the end of the experiment, the objective lens and eyepiece should be carefully unloaded on the ship to be used as transfer pump, booster pump, fuel injection and lubricating oil pump and marine pump

widely used in petroleum, electric power, chemical fiber, shipbuilding, metallurgy, glass, machinery, machine tools, highways and other industries

it is suitable for transporting fuel oil, hydraulically carrying out research and development experiments and structural selection of material/process specifications, and researching and developing lubricating liquids of experimental oil, lubricating oil, asphalt, crude oil and other similar oils

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