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Huawei is about to release 5g folding screen, and will it compete with Samsung for the lead

Huawei has posted the invitation letter for the Barcelona Conference on official wechat. The photo shows that it seems to be a folding screen, which is expected to release 5g folding on mwc2019, but we all seek peace and prosperity. Previously, Samsung has basically made it clear that it will release 5g folding in the near future, which means that the two enterprises will compete for the name of the leading commercial 5g folding

last month, Huawei officially released the world's first 5g multi-mode mid-range chip Baron 5000, and also released the 5g terminal equipped with this chip - Huawei 5g CPE pro, which shows that it is ready for 5g. However, from the press conference, this CPE is large and needs a palm of the hand

folding screen has been a hot spot since the second half of last year. Huawei has always stressed that it will launch folding screen this year. From the invitation letter of this press conference, it seems that Huawei will complete 5g and folding screen at the first time in mwc2019, highlighting its rapid progress in technology

in fact, folding screen has been concerned by all parties as early as a few years ago, but due to technical problems, it has not been able to become a reality until the second half of last year, Samsung said it would launch folding screen, which makes folding screen begin to attract the attention of all parties

however, it is Ruoyu technology, a panel company in Shenzhen, China, that is the first to launch commercial folding screens. Ruoyu technology released its folding screen flex Pai (Ruoyu PAI) in October last year. However, foreign media believe that the display effect of this folding screen is not good enough, and it is too thick after folding. The industry is more looking forward to the folding screen launched by Samsung

then Samsung showed its folding engineering machine at its SDC developer conference held in Chongqing in late September, November 8. It was just a glimpse, and did not let the on-site media carefully see the details of its folding. It was only that it could be seen that there were two screens. When the large screen folded inward, the small screen began to work, but some media people said that the folding completion was quite high, and the display effect was quite good

Samsung is the world's largest small and medium-sized OLED panel enterprise, and has a deep accumulation in folding OLED panels. Previously, it has developed OLED external folding, up and down folding, internal folding and other solutions. From the engineering machine it shows, it finally chose the internal folding solution

Samsung's 5g folded chip is expected to use Qualcomm's X50 baseband. Qualcomm's X50 baseband is the first 5g baseband released in the world. When it released Qualcomm snapdragon 855 chip at the end of last year, it officially released the commercial version of 5g baseband. This time Huawei announced that its Baron 5000 is the world's first commercial multi-mode 5g baseband. The difference is that Qualcomm's 5g baseband has not been integrated with its 4G multi-mode baseband. 5g using Qualcomm chips requires an external 5g baseband X50

both Huawei and Samsung are competing to release 5g folding, naturally to show their innovation strength. Huawei is currently trying to catch up with and surpass apple. In 2018, its shipment fell behind Apple by less than 3million units, and has surpassed apple in the second and third quarters of 2018. It said that it would catch up with Samsung and become the world's largest enterprise as soon as the fourth quarter of this year

facing the rapid catch-up of China, Samsung is eager to use a flagship to show that it still has unparalleled technological R & D strength. 5g folding has become a way for it to show that it still has a leading edge in the industry and boost its business. Therefore, it is also in a hurry to release its own 5g folding. Now Huawei seems to have officially announced the release time of its 5g folding. Samsung doesn't know when it will release its 5g folding

Huawei's 5g folded Sandvik material technology: an expert in high-performance corrosion solutions, folding OLED panels is unknown from which panel company. Of course, it is impossible for Samsung to supply folding OLED panels to it; LG also has its own business. Even if it develops folding OLED panels, it is expected to give priority to supply them, and its small and medium-sized OLED panels still seem to have technical problems; BOE mass produced OLED panels in 2017, but it didn't supply OLED panels to China until the second half of last year, which seems unlikely; Maybe Huawei's 5g folded OLED panel comes from Ruoyu. It has been said that the two companies have a cooperative relationship before, and Ruoyu's folded OLED panel is just folded externally, which is similar to the folding method shown in Huawei's invitation letter

relatively speaking, I think Samsung should be more mature. After all, Samsung has developed folding OLED panel technology for many years and has a deep technical accumulation. It is just for the sake of safety that it has recently decided to release 5g folding, and Huawei has difficulties in obtaining folding OLED panels with leading technology

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