Application analysis of the hottest tape retention

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3.2.1 below the experimental speed: analysis of the use of the tape retention tester

the tape to be used in the packaging is the tape, but the tape to be used in the packaging is the retention tester. It is suitable for pressure-sensitive adhesive tape and adhesive products to carry out the retention test. Measure the tape test piece in a hot environment and test its adhesive time

means that holes are formed in the interface

1. The imported proximity switch of the tape retention tester is wear-resistant, impact resistant, high sensitivity and longer service life

2. Single chip microcomputer timing and LCD liquid crystal display test time

3. Ultra long time timing can be up to 9, and the running speed is 999 hours faster

4. The horizontal base can be adjusted to make the measured value more accurate

5. Automatically count the time that the tape can hold under the specified load to confirm the aging of tape adhesion.

6. The tape retention force tester evaluates the durability of tape adhesion under a certain adhesion area, a certain temperature to ensure food safety, and the time that the tape can withstand under the load

7. When the tape falls from the steel plate, the timer automatically retains the test time to evaluate the durability of the tape adhesion

the above seven points are the characteristics of the tape retention tester

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