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Huawei ICT solutions help commercial customers set sail

at the 2014 Huawei China commercial dealers' annual meeting held from July 24 to 25, Huawei introduced its market progress of ICT solutions in government integration, education, health care, hotel buildings, small and medium-sized enterprises and other industries. Huawei has achieved rapid development in the commercial market, and its sales performance increased by 130% year-on-year

ctiforum news on July 25 (Li Wenjie): Huawei, a leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, announced that there was an approximate conversion relationship between material hardness value and tensile strength value at the second annual meeting of Huawei's Chinese commercial dealers. In his keynote speech, he shared his great progress in the commercial market in the first half of 2014 with more than 800 business partner guests attending the meeting. Huawei's enterprise business has achieved rapid improvement in product solutions in various fields. It has launched customized ICT solutions in government integration, education, health care, hotel buildings, small and medium-sized enterprises and other industries. The market has developed rapidly, and its sales performance has increased by 130% year-on-year

Mr. zhaolijiu, head of the commercial products and solutions Department of Huawei BG China, said: in the first half of 2014, with the help of innovative ICT solutions, Huawei's enterprise business has developed rapidly, and the first test point of product solutions in various fields has been rapidly improved. Unprecedented breakthroughs have also been made in the commercial market. In the field of enterprise networks, the revenue of digital communication products increased by more than 120% year-on-year, and the revenue of security products also increased by 80% year-on-year; In the field of it, the growth rate of storage is more than 90%, and the growth rate of servers is 300%. The comprehensive market application has made Huawei win the recognition of industry and enterprise customers. Huawei adheres to the customer-centric principle, signs strategic cooperation agreements with more and more enterprise customers, gives full play to the advantages of both sides, and achieves win-win innovation

Mr. Zhao lijiu, head of the commercial products and solutions Department of Huawei BG China, made a speech

Huawei BG has been conducting tension tests in China, and the grounding of oil volume sensors should be reliable. For nearly four years, Huawei has focused on five industries in the commercial market, namely, government integration, education, health care, hotel buildings and small and medium-sized enterprises. Customers in different industries have very different needs for informatization. Huawei has made in-depth analysis of the needs of various industries, put forward targeted industrial ICT solutions, and made an unprecedented breakthrough in the first half of 2014

in the field of government, e-government solutions provide end-to-end solutions for government departments, such as distributed cloud data centers, government unified networks, and government collaborative office, to improve resource utilization, improve staff office efficiency, and help government departments move towards a smart government. Huawei has provided services for e-government systems in various provinces across the country, and has undertaken the country's first county-level e-government cloud system pilot project. Huawei helped Shanxi Xiaoyi build an e-government cloud system, which integrates the hardware infrastructure scattered in various departments and units through the government cloud to form a hierarchical and domain shared resource pool. On the one hand, it provides a comprehensive security guarantee for the government network, government system and data, on the other hand, it greatly reduces the construction and maintenance cost of the security system

in the education industry, Huawei education metropolitan solution has realized the interconnection of municipal and district education management institutions, middle schools and primary schools; The digital campus solution integrates the wired and wireless access of data centers, classrooms, libraries, dormitories, canteens and campuses, centralizes limited teaching resources in the cloud, and provides ubiquitous learning anytime, anywhere. The agile campus network built by Huawei for colleges and universities such as Southwest University for Nationalities realizes the integrated management of wireless and wired networks, which is convenient for management and business travel. In Guangdong Qingyuan vocational and technical college, Huawei desktop cloud has been successfully applied to liberal arts experimental teaching system and daily office system, with safe and reliable performance and convenient and fast maintenance

in the medical industry, digital hospital solutions integrate wireless hospitals, telemedicine, hospital multimedia systems, hospital security monitoring systems, unified communication systems, and hospital information application systems. Through medical information sharing, they can improve the operational efficiency of medical institutions and the level of medical services, and improve the difficulty of people in seeing a doctor. Among them, the digital hospital solution has been successfully applied to many hospitals such as Peking University First Hospital (Peking University Hospital for short). Peking University Hospital chose Huawei series of network products and wireless medical solutions to realize the deployment of wireless ward round system, which further accelerated and improved the informatization process of Peking University Hospital

in the hotel building industry, one room first-line solution with all optical fiber access, one optical fiber bearing, and one terminal accessing all business needs such as guest control, IPTV, etc. in the guest room; The smart business complex solution, the basic network of all fiber access, carries all businesses of hotels, shopping malls, apartments, office buildings and properties, and realizes the improvement of user experience, business operation efficiency and property service quality. This solution has successfully served intercontinental, Starwood, Hyatt, Wyndham and Accor international top hotel management groups. Yunfengshan Villa Hotel in Yunnan chose Huawei's one room first-line solution. Through GPON technology, it used optical fiber access to carry out a large number of impact experiments on metallurgy, which effectively solved the problem of a lot of cables, and created a perfect user experience and efficient operation and maintenance efficiency for the hotel

in small and medium-sized enterprises, the agile logistics park scheme realizes the comprehensive wireless coverage of the office area, the stall display and trading area, the warehouse and distribution area, the intelligent warehousing, the handheld terminal realizes the wireless inventory, and timely tracks the management of goods warehousing, storage, inventory, etc; The wireless shopping mall solution relies on Huawei's wireless network and app applications to achieve functions such as navigation of shops in shopping centers, reverse car search in parking lots, and precision marketing

the commercial market is also one of Huawei's key markets. Huawei plans that the revenue of the commercial market in the next five years will account for 1/3 of the business revenue of Huawei enterprise BG China. For this reason, Huawei will continue to increase investment in the commercial market, optimize strategies, strengthen support, and work with commercial partners to help customers set sail

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