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Recently, consumers' complaints about the furniture industry have increased. Counterfeit goods not only make consumers suffer financial losses, but also affect their health

recently, Consumers' complaints about furniture "> the furniture industry are increasing, and counterfeit goods not only cause consumers to suffer financial losses, but even affect their health. In view of this situation, insiders generally realize that guiding consumers how to distinguish fake and shoddy products and understand relevant knowledge is one of the effective means to safeguard the rights and interests of consumers. Recently, at Leonardo da Vinci's" European furniture appreciation meeting " In, European furniture experts from Italy and Spain introduced a variety of methods to consumers to distinguish fake imported furniture

first of all, most European classical furniture still adhere to manual production, so every product of well-known furniture manufacturers will have a "furniture ID card", which will clearly list the place of production, materials used, designer name and other information. Consumers should take the initiative to ask furniture stores to provide this certificate when purchasing imported furniture. Secondly, well-known European brand furniture manufacturers generally have their own designated dealers. Buying furniture from these designated dealers can protect the interests of consumers

in addition, some imitations can confuse the fake with the real in appearance, but inferior materials will be used inside, and the price of such products is often much cheaper than the real ones. In fact, the quality and material selection of imported European furniture are strictly controlled, and the price is generally high and at a stable level




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