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In recent years, the ever-changing professional competitions and the increasing demand of shopping malls have accumulated the operating pressure of door and window enterprises. In this situation, the most important thing for enterprises to be able to freely compete in door and window shopping malls is to master the trends and trends of career development, and the mastery of career trends is based on understanding the current situation and requirements of door and window shopping malls at that time

status quo 1: corporate profits have been reduced once more

a statement released by a research institution recently showed that the average wage of China's manufacturing industry has now surpassed that of large Latin American countries except Chile, and has reached about 70% of the level of some euro zone member countries. This is a positive feedback of China's economic development, and it is also an intuitive expression of the substantial increase in the labor cost of the manufacturing industry. It is understood that over the past decade, China's labor cost has increased by as much as 2.7 times, the financing cost of private enterprises has exceeded the bank's benchmark interest rate by more than 2 times, and the logistics cost is twice that of developed countries. Both labor, raw materials and enterprise operation costs have increased significantly

therefore, the cost problem has also become a troubled problem for many small and medium-sized enterprises. With the intensification of professional competitions in 2017, under the influence of the "price rise tide" and the trend of professional reshuffle, the profits of door and window enterprises have been reduced again, even thinner than the blade! Therefore, some enterprises laugh at themselves: "it's better to tell a little story in the capital market than to work hard all your life"

current situation 2: problems such as "three mountains" have been encountered all over the world.

in recent years, door and window enterprises have encountered "three mountains", namely "the iceberg of shopping malls, the mountain of financing, and the volcano of transformation". In the development of large and medium-sized enterprises, door and window enterprises are also facing the problems of "four high and four low": high labor cost, high financing cost, high tax burden, and high standard transaction cost; Low product quality, low technical standards, low brand recognition and low enterprise integrity severely restrict the progress of the competitiveness of China's door and window industry

current situation 3: staying at the low-end production level for a long time

without technological innovation, there will be no rise of door and window enterprises. China's door and window enterprises have long been immersed in the professional atmosphere of low price competition and small profits but quick turnover. Many enterprises do not want to spend huge amounts of money, human and material resources to innovate, and dare not innovate. Even innovation is better than "copying new", resulting in severe homogenization of professional products, resulting in a lack of innovation in China's door and window industry, For a long time, it has stayed at the level of low-end production, and its international influence has stagnated. Nowadays, the professional competition of doors and windows is becoming more and more serious, and innovation is the inevitable return of enterprises' livelihood. If door and window enterprises want to improve their competitiveness, they first need enterprises to face up to the importance of innovation; It is not necessary for them to be willing to invest, establish the policy of long-term development of the enterprise, and eradicate each other's plagiarism, forming a form of innovation competition for professional excellence

current situation IV: weak awareness of intellectual property protection

door and window enterprises need to carry out demand and improve the market access mechanism. We should deeply realize that innovation is nonsense without safeguarding intellectual property rights! Together with this, door and window enterprises should pay special attention to the maintenance of enterprise intellectual property rights, pay attention to the request of enterprise production technology and product patents, resolutely impact infringement, maintain the effect of independent innovation of enterprises, and build an outstanding environment for enterprises to be willing to innovate and dare to innovate

current situation 5: capital control must be further implemented

capital control is particularly important for the development of an enterprise, especially for door and window enterprises. As long as the cost reduction is implemented, the enterprise can better "reduce the burden" for enterprise operation, and can't "just listen to the sound of the stairs and don't see people coming down"

current situation VI: enterprise brand building must be given high attention

brand building is an important part of expanding useful supply and promoting structural changes on the supply side. It is necessary for door and window enterprises to pay high attention to it. At present, China's manufacturing brand malls have low recognition and weak competitiveness, with only 31 of the top 500 international brands and 7 of the top 100 brands. In the door and window industry, there are few listed leading enterprises, and many professional small and medium-sized enterprises have always been a professional problem. Paying attention to enterprise brand building is a required course for door and window enterprises to strengthen themselves and go abroad

current situation 7: be conscientious and give full play to the entrepreneurial energy of doors and windows

results a brand is a long and arduous process, and it is necessary to carry forward the entrepreneurial energy with innovation, perseverance and responsibility as the main content, withstand loneliness, withstand temptation, be conscientious and dedicated! To this end, door and window enterprises should do the following two points: first, we should vigorously strengthen the construction of national technical standards, improve product recognition, popularity and reputation, constantly invent high-quality products, and meet diversified and personalized needs. Second, we should strengthen the construction of integrity and strengthen the pillar of brand promise. We should strengthen the construction of the rule of law and improve the supervision level of shopping malls

current situation 8: severely impact the copying of fake and inferior products

the intermingled quality of professional products for doors and windows is a problem that enterprises hate but are difficult to solve. Copying defective products affects the reputation of enterprises and the development of the whole profession. Therefore, many enterprises now attach great importance to product quality and strive to eliminate the cancer of fake and shoddy products. The impact of fake and shoddy copies, door and window enterprises need to start from themselves and resolutely eradicate them, so that counterfeiters and sellers can pay a heavy price to save consumers' confidence in "made in China", which is also more conducive to the entry of door and window products into high-end home shopping malls

status quo IX: further sorting out "zombie enterprises"

zombie enterprises refer to those debt enterprises that are hopelessly angry and close to closure. Zombie enterprises are different from problem enterprises that are in trouble due to problem properties, and can quickly come back to life. Zombie enterprises are characterized by the long-term and dependence of "blood sucking". If they have been surviving for a long time, they may cause more negative occupational effects. There are many small and medium-sized enterprises in the door and window industry, which inevitably have some operational difficulties. Enterprises that are in debt should dispose of "zombie enterprises" as soon as possible, and resolving low-end overcapacity is the responsibility of every enterprise in the professional community. As long as they are sorted out, they can free up resources and business space for the production of high-quality products and promote the benign development of the profession

current situation 10: settle down and innovate to promote enterprise reform

now, the competition in door and window shopping malls is hot, the transformation of career promotion is ready, and the improvement of the competitiveness of the whole career is burning. However, it is not simple to break the problem of career development. For this, enterprises need to deepen enterprise reform, settle in enterprise innovation, optimize the structure of the enterprise sector, and reduce unnecessary costs of enterprises. Thus, the door and window enterprises can complete the growth and help promote their careers

since the development of the door and window industry in China, consumer demand has soared and professional competitions are in full swing. Under this situation, door and window enterprises can better grasp the opportunity and complete the sustainable development of enterprises as long as they recognize the situation of professional development




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