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XCMG shovel and transport machinery division carries out special training on "V" series loaders

XCMG shovel and transport machinery division carries out special training on "V" series loaders

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with the holding of the "shovel ecology +" and the global conference of V series new products of XCMG shovel and transport machinery division, "V" series loaders have been fully introduced to the market. In order to ensure the market service of "V" series loaders, standardize the correct use, maintenance and repair of "V" series products by service personnel, and realize the perfect connection between products and services and the actual needs of customers, there is also a movable horizontal 10 head (10 beam), The marketing company of shoveling machinery division organized 88 business backbones from 65 dealer service stations to carry out three-day "V" series loader professional knowledge and maintenance skills training

this training includes two aspects: Theory and product practice. The courses will be taught by the heads of technology, quality, service and other departments, mainly focusing on the knowledge of "six characteristics" of "V" series products, the correct operation and maintenance of products, and the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries, so that the students can further understand the upgrading highlights, main change points and advantages of "V" series products. Through the training of national III engine fault diagnosis and maintenance knowledge, one machine, one book and fault application specifications, and in combination with the professional technology of Weichai and Shangchai, the explanation of the physical intelligent fault detection conducted by the giant master of low-level energy consumption and environmental impact difference in the whole life cycle of the automobile made of steel, aluminum and magnesium, including material recycling, as well as the product operation training of "V" series energy-saving loaders, Further improve the ability of participants to quickly determine faults in service

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