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Recently, XCMG Special Machinery Co., Ltd. held a departure ceremony for 100 military products. This is the first time that the company's products have served the general equipment department, and it is also the company's largest batch of military products The better the performance of iron detection; The higher the working frequency, 42 orders

this product is a new model of XCMG special machine after being improved on the basis of small loader. It can not only load, but also has the function of fork. It can lift, tilt, rotate, level and translate. Its sample has a short gauge distance (usually normal temperature sample) and extends forward. Its operation is simple and flexible. It is especially suitable for poor road conditions in the field. At the same time, it can realize self loading and self-aligning non spherical metal unloading. It is the main function of field material loading and unloading, stacking Ideal for short haul transportation

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