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XCMG T-series ultra thick paver Yunnan Chuxiong "first victory"

XCMG T-series ultra thick paver Yunnan Chuxiong "first victory"

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recently, two "steel giants" appeared in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture in the middle of Yunnan Province. They are rp953t series ultra thick pavers developed by the road machinery business department according to the requirements of users in the southwest region, This type of paver has won a number of patented technologies, which can easily realize the 50cm thick paving of the safety device of the electronic tensile testing machine, which can not be achieved by ordinary pavers

in order to ensure the smooth operation of the new model, two XCMG paver service personnel tracked the whole process, Provide "nanny" service. In a short period of half a month, they carefully guide the operation and maintenance of users' machines and hands, provide technical guidance, and track the whole process of construction. Under the careful "care" of two service personnel, XCMG has two "steel giants" Compared with other ball disk testing machines with fixed load and load beam, the working plane is stable, reliable and efficient, and the construction quality has been highly praised by the construction company. The successful operation of rp953t series ultra thick pavers marks XCMG's leading position in the industry in the research and development of special pavers

XCMG T series ultra thick paver "won the first battle" in Chuxiong, Yunnan

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