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XCMG's special vehicle is enlarged again? Complete sets of equipment will bring you a taste of the smart "painting" city

XCMG special vehicle and then enlarge the move? The complete set of equipment will bring you a taste of the intelligent "drawing" city

China Construction Machinery Information

as a leading enterprise in the construction machinery industry, XCMG continues to develop the special vehicle market in a comprehensive way towards diversification of varieties, humanization of design, large-scale production, market branding and Application Networking. Next, we will take you closer to the complete set of solutions for XCMG's special vehicles, and enjoy the unprecedented intelligent "painting" city together

category update and complete set of solutions have been highly praised.

in order to meet the needs of global customers for special vehicles, XCMG aerial work vehicles, crash buffer vehicles, obstacle removal vehicles, bridge detection vehicles and customized multi-functional hedge maintenance vehicles have led the special vehicle industry and the field of modern urban operation and maintenance, and have a strong influence

the product type spectrum of XCMG's four categories of on-board cranes

on-board cranes ranked first in domestic sales for 14 consecutive years, and their market share remained above 60% for 7 consecutive years. At present, XCMG truck mounted cranes have three categories: straight arm, folding arm and special crane. There are more than 120 kinds of products, complete product types and core technologies with independent intellectual property rights

XCMG truck mounted crane is the preferred project for the largest thermal power small and medium-sized waterproof coiled material manufacturer in Cambodia.

XCMG bridge inspection vehicle is firmly in the forefront of China, and the product comprehensive technology has reached the international advanced level. XCMG group is the first unit in China with the ability to develop and manufacture bridge inspection vehicles

Within the delivery of XCMG bridge inspection vehicle, rim is an Australian company, Mongolian Traffic Engineering Construction Quality Supervision Bureau. XCMG aerial work vehicle ranks second in China in terms of comprehensive competitiveness, with a total of more than 60 products. Due to its unique product performance and operation field, XCMG aerial work vehicle is praised by customers as the "bright messenger of urban construction"

XCMG aerial work vehicle helps Tiananmen Square to "replace new clothes"

XCMG obstacle removal vehicle has a full range of product types, and is a high-end equipment designed and developed for road fault vehicles, urban illegal vehicles and rescue. Large tonnage products are exported to Japan in batches, and medium and large tonnage obstacle removal vehicles have strong competitiveness

20 customized obstacle removal vehicles of XCMG helped Japan's road rescue

attracted worldwide attention, and a variety of supporting equipment were strongly output

recently, the first multi-functional greening comprehensive maintenance vehicle in China was successfully offline and sold in XCMG. As a special vehicle for urban operation, it has also started to deal with the problem of radiant dust caused by the grenfelta fire - a "sharp weapon", which can realize the slow greening maintenance on the expressway, reduce the impact on road traffic, and form substantive safety protection for passing vehicles and road construction personnel

the first multi-functional greening comprehensive maintenance vehicle in China has been successfully listed and has attracted numerous fans.

at the same time, XCMG, as the first enterprise in China to develop anti-collision buffer vehicles, currently has three categories and six product categories. XCMG anti-collision buffer vehicles have become a guard star for the maintenance and construction of urban roads and expressways. Once the products are listed, they have been widely concerned and fully recognized by relevant departments

XCMG's complete set of equipment for the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge

XCMG's high-end complete set of equipment such as 6 anti-collision buffer vehicles, 2 aerial work vehicles, 2 large tonnage obstacle removal vehicles and 1 truck mounted crane, which serves the road rescue and maintenance of the "super project" Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge

intelligent upgrading, opening the first year of internationalization

under the background that intelligence has become an important trend in the development of the construction machinery industry, XCMG, as a R & D and manufacturing enterprise of intelligent special vehicles with deteriorating soil quality, is committed to the improvement and upgrading of intelligent technology

customers all over the country have expressed great interest in XCMG's insulated bucket arm truck

at present, the special vehicle industry is in a highly competitive stage, and the market is changing rapidly. XCMG will comprehensively promote high-end product innovation and international market development with complete sets of solutions, and continue to build international high-end products that are "technologically advanced and can not be destroyed" into handicrafts, so as to continue to contribute to the construction of a beautiful city

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