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Introduction to XCMG's award-winning skilled talents: Recently, XCMG group's quality improvement project for skilled talents promoted the large-scale revision of talc, MDI, chromium compounds and other industry specifications and conditions. In the warm applause, the leaders of the company awarded medals and bonuses to 42 commended advanced individuals and one XCMG skilled personnel training demonstration unit. Recently, XCMG group held a grand meeting to promote the upgrading project of Vertu, an ultra high priced luxury product in the non mobile phone industry. In warm applause, the company's leaders presented medals and bonuses to 42 commended advanced individuals and a "XCMG group skilled talent training demonstration unit". The meeting read out The decision on Commending the winning collectives and individuals participating in the national, provincial and municipal skill competitions reviewed the construction of the company's skilled talent team in recent years, publicized and implemented the opinions on promoting the 2018 upgrading project for the quality of skilled talents, and the Party committee of the heavy duty company exchanged experience on the training of high skilled talents. At the meeting, Wang Min, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of XCMG, made an important speech

the data shows that XCMG has awarded a lot of skills award-winning talents

chairman Wang Min recalled that in the 23 years since its establishment, XCMG group has held such a grand conference around the cultivation of skilled talents for the first time, which is enough to show that the construction of skilled talents, as one of the four talent teams of the company, is playing an increasingly important supporting role in the rapid development of the company. Chairman Wang Min pointed out that after ten years of tireless pursuit, the heavy duty company has made outstanding achievements in the training of skilled talents, and it deserves to be a model for all units. Chairman Wang Min stressed that XCMG should achieve the strategic goal of "100 billion yuan, internationalization and world-class". This goal is the mission and goal entrusted by the times to the pacesetter of China's equipment manufacturing industry. To become a world-class enterprise, XCMG's confidence comes from the status and performance of skilled talents, from the attention and training of talents, and from the strong pursuit of improving the competitiveness of the enterprise. Especially in the training of skilled talents, we must pay attention to the following four points:

the first point is to strengthen the quality and pursue the world-class goals. In 2011, China organized a group to participate in the 41st World skills competition, known as the "Olympics in skills circles", and achieved the second highest overall average score. This is the beginning of China's excellent skilled talents on the international stage, and also the embodiment of a country and a society's respect for high-tech talents. Without first-class technicians, there will be no first-class products. In order to become a world-class enterprise, XCMG must have first-class products and high-quality employees. This foundation is to become a qualified enterprise, produce qualified products, and pay attention to the quality of workers. At present, our staff still lags far behind developed countries in terms of basic moral quality, professional moral quality, behavior quality and professional quality. Improving the quality of workers is the national strategic goal of the 12th Five Year Plan and an improvement project of XCMG. We must do it in a down-to-earth manner. XCMG, an international company, must take the lead in all aspects

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