The most popular XCMG service is faster than 110.

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XCMG's "service is faster than 110" 400 improves its core competitiveness

from January to may 2011, the average monthly increase in the workload and the scale of incoming and outgoing calls of XCMG's customer service center doubled, the amount of communication information reached more than 40000, and 7000 customers were received every month

for XCMG, an enterprise group whose operating income can also detect anchor bolts, anchorages, anchor cables, single link chains, double link chains, three link chains, conveyor belts, steel strands, etc. in mining equipment, this is just a small spray in the complicated management reform

behind this number and the subsequent "XCMG customer service center" which rose from the ground, there is a new interpretation of XCMG's core competitiveness, a new understanding of the whole "service link", and XCMG's determination, confidence and action to improve service

100% closed-loop service

in the past decade, with the vigorous development of the construction machinery market, the competition has become increasingly fierce. The service system that best reflects the competitiveness of enterprises and can release the fundamental interests of users has also become the focus of enterprises' building and competition. From the extension of the three guarantee period, to the blooming 4S stores, to the annual or even several times of "caring trips" and service vehicles shuttling through various project sites, to more and more systematic training services, to nanny services, one-stop services, to the full life cycle solutions including new concepts and models such as financial leasing, second-hand and remanufacture, the "service brand" in China's construction machinery market can be described as a variety of tricks

although XCMG has made great progress in service from the perspective of diversification of service means and penetration of service network, XCMG is aware that integrated service awareness, service standards, service levels and service capacity building have become an important part of the core competitiveness of Chinese construction machinery enterprises. In the second half of 2010, in the face of the booming market situation, Wangmin, the head of XCMG, clearly required that "XCMG must concentrate on, make great investment, comprehensively improve XCMG's services, create XCMG's service brand, build XCMG's service competitive advantage, enhance its core competitiveness, and make services an important driver for XCMG to become a world-class enterprise!"

military orders are like a mountain! XCMG's service integration project was immediately started and fully rolled out. To this end, yangdongsheng, vice president of XCMG Machinery Co., Ltd., and liujiansen, marketing director, led the service, sales, quality assurance, warehousing and logistics departments of all subsidiaries and branches to form a project team, Put forward the scheme to implement the service improvement strategy: "By using the information platform and service network all over the world, we will break the service area, service boundary and all divisions, open up a fast channel for XCMG to communicate with customers, establish an all-weather customer service platform with unified command, clear process, information integration and efficient action, and provide customers with one touch services including consulting, warranty, complaint and other service needs. In a word, one customer, service to Bottom! "

for XCMG, a large group involving 9 major types of hosts and more than 600 product models, it is absolutely a huge system project to integrate the information of the four major businesses of consulting, sales, service, accessories, in package and out of package services, XCMG itself, key component manufacturers and dealers into one database, and to connect with the production system

in order to build XCMG's service into a benchmark for the service of the Chinese Engineering "PLA biodegradable wire rod" to reach 90% of the service work in the machinery industry, a special team of more than 60 people combed more than 2 million pieces of data after a full half year, and successfully established XCMG's complete product and service data platform

moreover, in order to achieve this goal, XCMG has created a "100% closed loop", which is completely different from the previous "open-ended" service system

for example, the customer service center of XCMG receives a repair request from a customer. According to the warranty information, the customer service operator directly selects the best service plan and sends dispatch instructions. The engineer must communicate with the customer within 15 minutes. The customer service center shall assess the response rate according to the return visit; The service departments of all subsidiaries and branches are responsible for tracking the implementation, assessing their service personnel and forming a service closed loop

the customer service center of XCMG shall make a 100% final return visit to any customer. Thus, users can not only easily find XCMG, but also quickly get feedback on service, repair and maintenance, from which they can get a good service experience and feeling; This service experience will be calmly transformed into "confidence and motivation to purchase XCMG products in the future"

faster than 110

under such a framework, XCMG's service system is undergoing a series of profound changes. On the basis of the original channels, XCMG has increased the construction of specialized 4S stores for dealers carrying service functions. XCMG 4S stores have sprung up all over the country. At the same time, it has made use of the continuous implementation of rooting projects to improve its service strength, so as to achieve the coverage of the whole region with a service radius of 100 km

in addition to the upgrading of traditional service mode, XCMG has made use of information technology to build the original multiple services of subsidiaries and dealers into XCMG 400, fully mobilize the resources of the whole enterprise, and provide services to users more smoothly and efficiently

XCMG is most proud of its cooperation with China Mobile The most advanced voice service and line system in Asia: "with the information collection, classification and management software developed by us, XCMG customer service center has been perfectly integrated with the ERP system of XCMG's central operation system, and the service systems of various subsidiaries, more than 400 domestic dealers, overseas dealers in 140 countries and dozens of core component suppliers have been seamlessly integrated with the group platform, establishing a digital archive."

on each call terminal computer in XCMG customer service center, once the user enters, the system will automatically generate the user file. If an old user accesses, the system will automatically display the previous information of the user. "When many old users call, we can call their names through the system at once. Users will be surprised and kind about this." In this regard, customer service center leader Zhou Han introduced to us. The perfect process, powerful system and well-trained customer service personnel made XCMG customer service center win the title of "faster than 110" immediately after it was put into use

the strategic outsourcing strategy based on China Mobile's customer service system platform and customer service management capability is both professional and efficient compared with the system platform built by itself, which highlights XCMG's awareness of modern management and gives people a refreshing feeling

the customer account monument is better than the golden cup and silver cup

compared with the competitive hardware system, XCMG also took great pains to carve out the soft power of the customer service center. Zhangjiadong, the project director, has stayed in Germany for 7 years and has long been engaged in the service industry, which undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for the rapid improvement of the customer service center. At the same time, in order to improve the professionalism of the customer service center in terms of service, products and technology, XCMG specially selected engineers who have accumulated a lot of experience in procurement, technology, quality inspection, manufacturing and other positions as service supervisors

XCMG is also unique in the selection of customer service personnel. The introductory examination is selected by China Mobile customer service experts. The selected candidates will receive one month of systematic traffic skills training, including standard voice, etiquette, typing training, software operation, etc; Then, I will receive three months of high-intensity professional training, including company history, culture, organizational structure, product knowledge training, workshop internship training and other links. After passing five passes and cutting six generals, after taking the post, the mobile experts will evaluate and guide the incoming and outgoing communication quality of each operator every week, which will be used as the main basis for performance appraisal

"you see, these textbooks are purposefully compiled by US based on the experience accumulated in XCMG's marketing service system over the past decades. With these, we can ensure that our callers can master more knowledge about products and services in the shortest time and provide good services for users." Speaking of this, Wu Hong, the customer service supervisor, couldn't help taking out a textbook full of notes and a thick stack of exam papers

at present, XCMG customer service center has 16 full-time telephone operators with sweet voice, enthusiasm and patience, known as "Sixteen golden flowers". After three months of devil like professional training, they have grown into small experts in communicating with customers. Their sweet voice and attentive service not only show customers XCMG's customer service level, but also reflect XCMG's culture of serving all users. "Among the first batch of employees of XCMG customer service center, there are not only professionals who have studied in the class and have experienced in the customer service field of other industries for many years, but also liumengxuan, the team leader, whose English level has reached professional level 8, is a talented student who can skillfully provide services to foreign customers." When it comes to this, Liu Jiansen cannot hide his joy

since its official launch, 24 hours a day, the customer service center has been constantly collecting information from the user base, sorting out information, transmitting information in the enterprise operation system, and feeding back information from users.

from January to may 2011, the average monthly increase in the workload and the scale of incoming and outgoing calls of the customer service center doubled, the amount of communication information reached more than 40000, and received 7000 customers every month; Especially with the arrival of the peak sales season of China's construction machinery market, the workload of the customer service center is rapidly expanding. The customer service center is also praised by customers as "XCMG's intimate line"! With the sinking of the point, the investment of spare parts and the establishment of a high-level customer center, customers generally reflect that XCMG's service is real; One, someone responded immediately; There is someone to track and someone to take charge of it; A bit of Haier service

in all communications, XCMG customer service center will ask: are you satisfied with our service? The customer's answer is the basis for assessing the customer satisfaction of each subsidiary. As Wang Min said, "the reputation of customers is better than gold and silver cups!" China

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