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In 2012, the market scale of China's cosmetics plastic packaging industry will exceed 16 billion yuan

TONGCHAN Lixing is a leading enterprise in the cosmetics plastic packaging industry in the domestic bidding of high-speed rail waterproof materials. The company is committed to the production and sales of plastic packaging for high-end cosmetics and the research and production of supporting molds. At present, TONGCHAN Lixing has become the absolute leader in the fine molecule industry of plastic packaging of cosmetics in China

China's cosmetic plastic packaging industry, such as dish springs and shrapnel, has great potential for development. With the rapid development of China's cosmetics industry and plastic packaging industry, and the continuous establishment of the development trend of plastic packaging materials for cosmetics in the future, China's cosmetics packaging industry is growing rapidly at a growth rate much higher than GDP. It is estimated that the market scale of plastic packaging industry for cosmetics will exceed 16billion yuan by 2012. According to the circular prediction of the industrial chain, the biggest feature of desigu, In the next five years, the average annual demand growth rate of China's cosmetic plastic packaging industry will exceed 15%

the industrial chain value of cosmetic plastic packaging industry focuses on product design and channel services. The plastic packaging industry of cosmetics has changed from the mode of relying only on output and price advantages in the early stage of development to the mode of comprehensive supporting services

the competition pattern of cosmetic plastic packaging industry is that foreign capital occupies the high end, and the leading share of domestic capital is gradually increasing. The international cosmetics plastic packaging giants are mainly targeted at the global high-end market, while domestic enterprises are mainly targeted at the domestic market. In the future, the market share of domestic leading enterprises is expected to gradually increase

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