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The government supports the market to promote the surge of nano applications in Guangzhou

the government supports the market to promote the surge of nano applications in Guangzhou

enter the curve display page February 7, 2002

the strategic position of nano applications

the news from the Guangzhou Department of information industry shows that on September 29, the Guangzhou municipal government will announce the ten-year development plan for the industrialization of nanotechnology in Guangzhou at the Symposium on nanotechnology

and industrialization hosted by it, Thus, the industrialization of nano applications

has been raised to an unprecedented height

as a development direction of high-tech in the future, nano technology has been doubted all over the world. Europe, America and Japan have invested heavily to seize the nano highland. Shen Hui, a professor at the Guangzhou Institute of energy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that nano meter is a single bit of length, and one nano meter is equivalent to one billionth of one meter. The material formed after the material is treated by nanotechnology is called nano material

material. Because of the problem of its experimental machine, we can all solve the tension between atoms and molecules by using a fixture 70X70X20mm to connect m8x Φ 206 pieces have special structure, so they have functions and characteristics that conventional materials do not have, such as magnetic

, conductivity, strong absorption and reflection of far-infrared ray, ultraviolet absorption, strong adsorption and catalytic decomposition

. It can be widely used in military, medical, microelectronics, communications, new materials and other industries. At present, the nano applications of

all over the world are the first to make breakthroughs in functional materials

Guangzhou attaches no less importance to nanotechnology than to information technology. Since May this year alone, it has organized three special activities on nanotechnology, a symposium on nanotechnology for organ leaders on May 15, Zhang Lide, chief scientist of the national 753

plan nanotechnology project, and seven countries including the United States, Japan, Russia and South Korea participated in the 2001 international nanotechnology seminar and product exhibition from June 14 to 16, There is also a one month Exhibition on the strange functions and applications of nano materials from June 6 to July 6

from September 27 to 29, Guangzhou will jointly host a symposium on nanotechnology and industrialization with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other institutions, officially opening the curtain on accelerating the industrialization of nano applications. Ask for market from traditional industries

as a new type of material, the wide application prospect of nano is fully penetrating into the existing traditional industries

, and the market value brought by this combination will be immeasurable. The data predicted by relevant foreign institutions is that by 2010, its market capacity will reach US $1440 billion

Zhuyonggang, President of sanze nano, said that the current basic pattern of global nanotechnology is basic research. Europe, represented by the United States and Germany, is in the leading position, while the United States is in the leading position in nano high-tech. Japan's specialty is in nano applications, such as UV resistant antibacterial cosmetics with nano ingredients, energy-saving lamps, self-cleaning lamps, etc. China's nano research has its own characteristics in these three fields, especially in nano coatings, clothing, drugs and cosmetics. Sanze nano has entered the field of nano products for ordinary consumers developed on the basis of China's Youshi technology

as the only "made in China 2025" textile and garment company in Guangzhou that has risen to the national strategy at present, Zhu Yonggang has formulated the development ideas of high positioning, high starting point, high investment and high efficiency for sanze nano, and defined the strategic plan of technology first, capital second, talent first and benefit last, striving to become one of the leading companies in Guangzhou's nano industry

the specific operation mode of sanze nano is to rapidly cultivate and expand local branches and franchise units, establish brands,

and form a strong and perfect nano market alliance with other nano development entities with their own advantages, and take a multi entity integration road of vertical management and horizontal combination

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