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Market segment spring inventory 2017 annual meeting high-power tractors

the most influential factor on the High-power Tractor Market in 2016 is the formal implementation of the new version of gb1589 regulations. However, from the perspective of the business year exhibition vehicles of major mainstream car companies in 2017, the high-power models are still sitting on the scene. Instead of marginalizing high-power tractors, enterprises have pushed them to an efficient market segment

nowadays, the most important thing in the rapid development of logistics transportation is efficiency, which is the advantage of high-power tractors. Similarly, when pulling 49T goods, the 500 HP tractor saves more than 20% of the transportation time than the 400 HP tractor. At the same time, the engine of the 500 HP model can maintain the best economic speed in high-speed transportation with greater reserved torque, which can reduce fuel consumption while being efficient. Therefore, in 2017, high-power tractors will still have considerable advantages in the efficient transportation segment

FAW Jiefang j6p500 HP tractor

it was noted at the FAW Jiefang annual meeting that among the models on display was a 500 HP j6p tractor. This car is equipped with a new ca6dm313 liter engine with a maximum torque of 2300n m. It is said that the maximum output of this engine is 550 horsepower. Compared with the 11 liter engine, the new ca6dm313 liter engine has better low-speed torque output characteristics and can bring better vehicle power output. At the same time, the machine adopts overhead camshaft design, which can make the intake and exhaust control more accurate

in order to cooperate with the new 13 liter engine, the vehicle adopts a 12tax230m gearbox. This gearbox adopts a 6x2 main and auxiliary gearbox, double intermediate shaft design, and has 12 gears. In addition, the maintenance cycle of the gearbox gear oil can reach 100000 kilometers

in terms of drive axle, this j6p adopts the most mature 457 rear axle of Jiefang. The rear axle also adopts the long oil change technology, which can change the gear oil for 100000 kilometers, reduce the number of vehicle maintenance and improve the operation efficiency. In order to meet the high mileage requirements of modern logistics, like the pilot version J6, the front and rear axles of j6p are lubricated with Kangmai oil, which can be maintained for up to 500000 kilometers

Dongfeng Tianlong sailing version focuses on high torque

the attractive model of Dongfeng commercial vehicles is not high horsepower, but high torque. Dongfeng Tianlong sail t45l (1) adopts pressure adaptive oil source tractor. The biggest change from the previous one is the change of its power chain. The new model is equipped with Dongfeng Cummins isz45041 engine, with a displacement of 12.972l, an output of 450 horsepower and a maximum torque of 2330n m。

the power data of 450 horsepower of this 13 liter machine is not very strong in terms of power performance. However, the engine prefers the output of low speed and high torque. It can reach a maximum torque of 2300 nm between revolutions, and 80% of the maximum torque can be reached only at 900 revolutions. With this adjustment, the vehicle can have strong power output at the initial stage of starting, and the frequency of downshifting can be reduced when climbing a slope

in addition to the engine, other components of the power chain are also upgraded accordingly. Dongfeng Tianlong Qihang version adopts the fast 12jsd240ta gearbox, with the first gear ratio of 12.1 and the highest gear of overspeed. The gearbox adopts a large center distance design, which has higher reliability. The rear axle of the whole vehicle is matched with the mature Dongfeng Dena 485 drive axle, which has strong bearing capacity and convenient maintenance and replacement. The speed ratio is available in 3.64, 3.42 and 4.11

SINOTRUK howo-t7h540 HP tractor

at the 2017 business annual meeting of SINOTRUK, sinotruk exhibited HOWO t7H tractor equipped with man technology 540 HP engine. The car is equipped with China National Heavy Duty Truck mc13 The engine has an output power of 540 horsepower, and the maximum torque can reach 2500nm, which is in line with national/Euro 5 emissions. In addition, this engine has the function of cold start and intake electric heating, which is also very practical for the cold winter in the north

this HOWO t7H tractor adopts AMT high torque overdrive transmission and a rear axle with a small speed ratio of 3.36, forming a golden powertrain with the engine. In addition, Cui Lixin doesn't think he is an adventurous person. The car is also equipped with a hydraulic retarder. Even in the complex road conditions of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan, he doesn't have to worry about frequent braking

Jianghuai GEFA k7540 HP tractor

in the direction of high-power heavy trucks, Jianghuai GEFA launched K7 tractor. The power chain of the car adopts the heavy truck man MC horsepower engine, which can output 540 horsepower, and the maximum torque can reach 2500n m. It is matched with the engine by + ZF 16 gear transmission and Mercer small speed ratio rear axle. At the same time, GEFA K7 is also equipped with airbag cab and seat, ZF hydraulic retarder, parking heating system and other configurations

it is worth mentioning that the golden power chain of GEFA K7 enables the vehicle to reach a speed of 95 km/h when the engine rotates at 1200 rpm at high speed, which ensures sufficient power in the high-speed logistics of the company's 19.9% stake in American lithium with us $49 million. In addition, GEFA K7 cab adopts advanced wind resistance reduction design, and the wind resistance coefficient of the actual vehicle is only 0.532, which can effectively reduce fuel consumption

beiben heavy truck v3et530 HP high-efficiency tractor

at the 2017 beiben heavy truck annual meeting, beiben exhibited a high-power heavy truck - v3et high-efficiency tractor. It is named v3et high-efficiency version because it adopts a new power system. It is equipped with Weichai 13L national five engine, which can output 530 horsepower at most. The engine is matched with Chongqing ZF 16 speed manual transmission and beiben small speed ratio single reduction axle, which can provide a good guarantee for efficient logistics. The power spectral density curve is divided into three rectangles (A1, A2, A3) and two triangles (A4, A5)

in terms of detail design, in order to achieve the lightweight of a whole vehicle, many parts of beiben are made of aluminum alloy materials, such as rims, fuel tanks, air tanks, etc. In terms of active safety and passive safety, beiben v3et high-efficiency version adopts WABCO brake control system, standard abs+asr, Voss structure brake pipeline system, and can be equipped with EBS, exhaust brake, hydraulic retarder, etc

Sichuan Hyundai chuanghu 480 HP tractor

the chuanghu 480 HP tractor displayed at the Sichuan Hyundai business annual meeting is almost indistinguishable from other models, and can only be distinguished from the body 480 logo. The vehicle is equipped with a powertec engine with a displacement of 12.7l, with a maximum output of 2350 nm torque and a maximum output of 480 HP, and the emission meets the national five standards. Matched with it is the modern independent brand daimosi 12 speed manual transmission

the exhibition car adopts the world's leading engine pump nozzle technology, with a maximum horsepower of 520ps, so that chuanghu has the fuel economy that surpasses all domestic competitors at the same level. In addition, the whole series of chuanghu is equipped with WABCO air disc brakes and German horse brand airbags as standard. While improving the braking efficiency and safety, the whole car can also adjust the height of 190mm, which is convenient for swinging and hanging, improves the vehicle trafficability, and is suitable for the transportation of precision instruments

at present, China's logistics transportation is developing in an efficient and integrated way. The original individual and retail investors are fewer and fewer, and replaced by the rise of large-scale logistics companies and logistics fleets with stable supply of goods. Compared with the traditional retail transportation, the biggest advantage of logistics companies is that they have a stable source of goods, which effectively avoids the occurrence of no-load, waiting for goods and other phenomena in the transportation process, and the High-power Tractor greatly improves the operation efficiency in the whole transportation process

in addition, with the implementation of gb1589, overloading has become more and more difficult. More users can't pull more and can only choose to run fast. With the same cargo capacity, high-power heavy truck transportation can be more efficient and fuel-efficient. Therefore, for high-speed long-distance logistics transportation users, high-power heavy truck will still be their preferred model. On the side, in 2017, the "fire" of high horsepower is likely to burn again with the "wind" of efficient transportation

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