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Market sentiment is high, glass continues to rise

stimulated by the central bank's RRR reduction, the black building materials sector reappeared a strong upward performance yesterday, and most varieties hit this round of prices, marking that the combination of advanced composite products and automotive, industrial and other industries will enter a new high in the fast track. The glass 1605 contract rose with the cooperation of the main position increase, continued to rise along the 5-day moving average on the daily line, and also maintained a long pattern in terms of technology

in terms of spot goods, the recent trend of the spot market has still not seen significant improvement. Glass prices in various regions have remained stable on the whole, and individual enterprises have made minor adjustments. The inventory of production enterprises in Shahe region of North China decreased slightly, but the inventory of local traders is relatively high. In the future, they may continue to increase export sales by virtue of price advantages; The trend in Central China is not good. On the one hand, affected by the inflow of Shahe glass into the market, on the other hand, the downstream demand recovery is relatively slow, resulting in the overall high inventory of production enterprises, and some enterprises began to adjust the actual transaction price. On the whole, the recent recovery of terminal demand is less than the expectation of the pre holiday market, the risk of short-term inventory accumulation remains, and it is difficult to expect a sharp rebound in the spot trend

in terms of price difference, dragged down by the flat spot trend, the recent glass futures and cash market continued to deviate from the trend. Yesterday, Shahe benchmark factory reported the integration of marine oil and gas development, ocean fishing, tourism and other resources, and the price discount was expanded to 40 yuan/ton. Restricted by the poor recovery of fundamentals, the expansion of futures and cash price difference may restrict the follow-up of glass in the future market

generally speaking, although the recent fundamental performance is not satisfactory, the macro and policy easing expectations remain unchanged, especially the recent frequent local property market stimulus policies, which will continue to have a beneficial impact on the overall black building materials sector, and the short-term capital speculation is expected to continue. In terms of operation, it is recommended to wait and see or bargain hunting, and radical investors can try to light positions and short orders

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