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In 2018, China's LED plant lighting market reached 1.7 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 37%

on April 6, the Hong Kong International Spring lighting exhibition organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. According to the organizer's data, 1355 exhibitors appeared on the stage in the last spring exhibition. It is understood that this year's conference will add four exhibition areas, including plant lighting, home lighting, professional lighting and urban architectural lighting

it is worth mentioning that in recent years, indoor planting is popular and the market demand for relevant lighting products is expected to increase. Therefore, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council has specially added a new plant lighting exhibition area this year, including a variety of special or household plant growth lamps

for plant lighting, the LED Research Institute of higher industry and Research (GGII) believes that the market is still in a growth period at this stage. GGII statistics show that the LED plant lighting market in China reached 1.3 billion yuan in 2017, an increase of 61% year-on-year. GGII said that in 2018, China's LED plant lighting market reached 1.7 billion yuan, an increase of 37% year-on-year

at present, the market scale of plant lighting is still relatively small, mainly for export, and it will take a few years to get large-scale application. However, many enterprises are still interested in its potential business opportunities, including xinnuofei, OSRAM and many other lighting enterprises are actively investing in the layout and entering the plant lighting market. Many domestic enterprises also exhibited their plant lighting products in this spring exhibition

according to industry insiders, the current plant lighting lamps used in greenhouses are increasingly used worldwide. Affected by the legalization of marijuana cultivation in the United States, the number of LED plant factories in the world will increase, and the demand for plant lighting market will also grow more rapidly

in addition, smart lighting is another major theme of this year's Hong Kong Spring lighting exhibition. In the famous lights Gallery, platform enterprises such as graffiti intelligence, tmall elf AI alliance, Guangzhou smart cloud and so on showed smart home solutions. Some insiders joked that the lighting industry was about to be dominated by it men

graffiti smart booth

jingxun software booth

Guangzhou smart cloud booth

in recent years, smart lighting has developed rapidly, and related technologies and systems have gradually matured. For example, Bluetooth mesh network, IOT, WiFi, etc. have become indispensable drivers for the popularization of smart lighting. GGII data shows that the scale of China's intelligent lighting market reached 26.4 billion yuan in 2017. GGII said that in 2018, the scale of intelligent lighting market using them to check all relevant geometric parameters and appearance defects of each product reached 38.7 billion yuan, an increase of 46.6% year-on-year

the voice AI interactive platform developed by graffiti intelligence connects the intelligent needs of consumers, smart brands, OEM manufacturers and retail chains, provides customers with a one-stop AI IOT solution, and covers three aspects: hardware access, cloud services and app software development, forming a service closed loop of AI + manufacturing, and provides B-END Technology and business model upgrading services for consumers' IOT intelligent devices, So as to meet consumers' higher demands for hardware products

from this Hong Kong Spring lighting exhibition, it can be seen that for smart lighting, both lighting enterprises and interconnected platform enterprises that choose the range of applications according to the sample specifications are more inclined to systematic solutions at this stage, so as to truly solve the use problems for users. It is believed that in the era of IOT, the future of smart lighting will become clearer and clearer

in addition to plant lighting and intelligent lighting, heidico brought many surprises to the industry at the spring exhibition. WLCSP, cob and 2835 full spectrum light sources have created many conveniences for the LED lighting industry. Its WLCSP light source has the characteristics of high reliability, high temperature resistance, large luminous angle, high luminous quality, high optical density and so on. The straight down lamps with HDK WLCSP light source have the same thickness as the conventional side light-emitting lamps on the market, and the luminous efficiency is higher

on the right side is the straight down lamp with two collets SP on the HDK WLC device.

while maintaining its advantages in road lighting, urban rail transit, etc., maoshuo power supply will also take industrial lighting as a new breakthrough. Maoshuo will focus on innovative technology and take products as the king. Chen Hao, marketing director of maoshuo, said that our mining lamp power supply is small and affordable, and it can also realize offline programming. This will also become the selling point of maoshuo mining lamp power supply

of course, the beauty of this Hong Kong Spring lighting exhibition is that there are few exhibitors, especially large brands, and insufficient traffic. This also reflects the overall export situation of the lighting market to a certain extent

the Sino US trade war that broke out in 2018 led to great changes in the international trade environment, and many countries, including the United States, began to restrict China's exports. According to the data statistics of the "monthly monitoring report on China's LED lighting products export in", released by GGII, the total export volume of China's LED lighting products in 2018 was about US $21.042 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 4%, and the export volume was about 13.341 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 21%

the export amount of China's LED lighting products in 2018 (US $100 million)

data source: China Customs, high Industry Research Institute of LED research fully affirmed the inspection and detection ability of the center (GGII)

under the influence of many adverse factors, such as the global economic downturn, the uncertainty of the US trade policy, the instability of the political situation in the Middle East and so on, the international trade situation is quite uncertain. During the exhibition, many enterprises reported to senior engineering LED that the export amount in 2018 fell to a certain extent, especially in the North American market. In 2018, large export enterprises such as sunshine lighting and Debon lighting have increased their efforts to explore the domestic market

at present, trade negotiations between China and the United States are still ongoing. If the U.S. government imposes a high tax on the $200billion list previously announced, it will bring considerable resistance to the export of China's LED lighting products in the future. This has also weakened the enthusiasm of exhibitors and buyers to a certain extent

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