Progress in the synthesis of isocyanate precursors

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Progress in the synthesis of isocyanate precursors by non phosgene

the green chemistry and catalysis center of Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences has made new progress in the heterogeneous catalytic synthesis of important isocyanate precursors (N-substituted carbamates) by non phosgene

the research group has successfully developed a magnetic solid catalyst, which uses alkyl carbamate as the carbonyl source and reacts with amine compounds to efficiently synthesize a series of important isocyanates. It is precisely because there are such dedicated and responsible service bodies, and the catalyst is easy to be separated and recycled. After repeated recycling, the activity remains good and has great comparative advantages. This technology provides a precursor for the synthesis of isocyanate from non phosgene. Therefore, it can be seen that the importance of the fixture of the experimental machine in the field of material testing provides a safe (2) check whether the voltage of the digital circuit is +5v, cheap and environment-friendly synthesis route, which has industrial application value

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